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Siberia: Get lost in thousands of wonders of Russian nature

Mysterious and impenetrable. Spectacular and extreme. Ancient and severe. It is Siberia. The place one must definitely visit. The home for the world’s largest forests and the planet’s deepest lake is waiting for you.

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Heli-Skiing in Kamchatka
Best tours
Heli-Skiing in Kamchatka
Heli-Skiing in Kamchatka
8 Days
7 Nights

Heli-Skiing in Kamchatka is an unbounded freedom of travel, the rush of adrenaline and an unforgettable experience for years and years to come. However, this tour would suit...

Secrets of the Avachinsky Gulf. Sea journey, fishing, kayaking and jeep adventures in Kamchatka
Best tours
Secrets of the Avachinsky Gulf. Sea journey, fishing, kayaking and jeep adventures in Kamchatka
Secrets of the Avachinsky Gulf. Sea journey, fishing, kayaking and jeep adventures in Kamchatka
11 Days
10 Nights

This tour is ideal for those who love and appreciate nature. We will see unique places and animals in immaculate settings of their natural habitats, and become one with the...

Arctic Cruise on a Great Siberian River
Best tours
Arctic Cruise on a Great Siberian River
Arctic Cruise on a Great Siberian River
14 Days
13 Nights

Cruise to Tiksi is a wonderful opportunity to explore Yakutia’s nature, history and indigenous peoples’ life conditions and traditions and also cross the Arctic Circle and visit...


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Russia is a big and very hospitable country. We are glad to provide the biggest pack of guided tours to Russia with 87 destinations including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Karelia, Siberia, Kamchatka, Baikal, Altai, and many other popular regions. Book one of 6100+ tours from local organizers and visit Big Country to take inspiration from its beauty.

Big Country Travel is a national tour operator for incoming tourism in Russia certified by the Ministry of Economic Development in Russian Federation. Inspired by our country and its amazing nature, we created the biggest collection of tours including travel packages and individual itineraries for all kinds of tourists. Get your unforgettable experience and explore unique Russian culture and history with the best private guides and vehicles.

What do you get with us

  • Car, helicopter, and jeep tours with experienced local organizers who know everything about the regions you will explore in common.
  • Sightseeing tours around the most iconic cultural and historical places in different regions of Russia.
  • Yachting and river cruises along the Volga River and other scenic waterways.
  • Natural expeditions through the wild Russian regions for passionate explorers.
  • Outdoor activities: hiking, rock climbing, canyoning, rafting, horse riding, ski and snowmobile tours.

Hike around the volcanoes, climb the mountains, admire the scenery from the waterside, and get inspired by impressive Russian nature with escorted tours with Big Country Travel. The best destination experts will make everything possible for you to discover the secret spots and stunning places of the biggest country on the planet.

Why exploring Russia with Big Country Travel

As a certified tour operator, we do our best to make your trip as easy and comfortable as possible. Our team is always ready to send you an invitation to provide a Russian visa. We also will help you with booking your flight and accommodation according to your preferences. With Big Country Travel, you explore the country with experienced guides speaking your language and are passionate about their field. If you are going to travel specifically to one of the Russian regions, our team can plan your itinerary and provide related services due to your personal needs.

Our extra benefits

  • You can choose a trip with any kind of accommodation, from modern hotels to romantic camping.
  • Our collection includes both individual and group tours. The number of participants and guides depends on the chosen program and travel style (hiking, cruise, expedition, etc.)
  • You are safe when you travel with us, as every tour includes medical insurance.
  • Best prices with zero extra payments. You buy a tour directly from the national tour operator in Russia without the agencies’ fees.

To book a guided tour, choose your destination and select a suitable program from local guides in the place you are going to visit in Russia. You can ask our support team to assist with planning the itinerary for your next big adventure.

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