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Privacy policy

Terms used in this document

User refers to any individual using any services rendered by BigCountry.Travel.

User data refers to any information concerning the user known to BigCountry.Trave.

Personal data refers to any user-related information.

Processing refers to the collection, storage, change, provision of access to, and transfer of user personal data.

BigCountry.Travel refers to any service of inbound tour operator Bolshaya Strana LLC (OOO “Bolshaya Strana”) available at and

Our basic principles

We ensure the confidentiality of personal data and apply all necessary organizational and technical measures to protect personal data. In certain cases, BigCountry.Travel engages its partners in personal data processing, and transfers this data to them. In these cases, we make sure that adequate security measures are taken. It means that we do not transfer any data to partners whose data storage principles seem doubtful to us, or if we know that these principles substantially differ from those provided for in this document.

Categorization of personal data processed by us

We may store personal data of two types:

  1. Identification data, including first name, last name, passport details, date of birth, place of living.
  2. Contact data, including user email and mobile phone number.

Why we do this

We process personal data due to several reasons:

  • For preparing a tour contract between us and our tourists.
  • For preparing documents necessary for tourists’ participation in tour programs (visa invitations, permissions to visit border zones of Russia).
  • For connecting a tour guide or a tour leader in a region with tourists (meeting on the first day of tour).
  • For the users to be able to receive our newsletters, subject to subscription.

We only use the data collected from you, subject to your consent to the principles of processing this data.

Those who can get access to personal data

As already mentioned above, sometimes we transfer personal data to our partners, while taking adequate measures to ensure their security. For instance, we transfer data to transfer companies, local tour operators, hotels, local authorities responsible for making permissions for visiting area, Federal Agency for Tourism, etc. We may also provide data at the request of the Russian Federation law enforcement authorities (although we cannot imagine why they might need it).

Where and how personal data is processed

Personal data is processed in Russia. Transfer of data beyond the borders of the Russia may only occur on legal grounds, and subject to ensuring an adequate data protection level. Personal data stored by us is not used to personalize anything anywhere (in the language of law, it means that we do not take any automated decisions, and do not create any profiles based on this data).

What users are entitled to

  • Firstly, users have an opportunity to amend their personal data if it is incomplete and/or incorrect.
  • Secondly, users have the right to request the deletion of their personal data.
  • Thirdly, if a user thinks their rights and interests were breached, they may file a claim. We will do everything possible to remedy the situation. For this purpose, please send us an email at
  • Fourthly, if readers think that their rights and interests were breached, they are entitled to file a claim concerning the use of personal data to Roskomnadzor (The Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media).

This document may be subject to change

We have the right to change the above principles at any time on a unilateral basis. We are not going to do this secretly — instead, we will warn our users about it at least a month before any changes enter into force, right here on this page.