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Gift Card for a trip to any corner of Russia
Big Country offers travel gift cards to explore all regions of Russia. From the breathtaking landscapes and the volcanoes of Kamchatka to the cultural wonders of St. Petersburg and Moscow, from northern lights of the Russian Arctic to Mount Elbrus — there are travel ideas for every taste and budget. Make the dream of traveling to Russia come true!
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Gift card ideas

Baikal ice
A Journey into the World of Perfect Cleanliness and Bizarre Ice Forms
Fairy-tale Karelia rafting
A land of crystal clear lakes, lush forests, and steep cliffs
The magical Northern Lights
An awe-inspiring
natural phenomenon
Horseback riding in Altai
A land of milky rivers and blue lakes
Unique Kamchatka
A land of untouched wilderness
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2785 tours in 87 regions of the country
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Gift Card options

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Tour gift card
You can order a gift card for any tour you like
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certificate option
Gift card for specific amount
You can order a Gift Card for a certain amount without reference to a specific tour. When booking a trip on this Gift Card, it is not required to spend exactly the amount specified on the card, you can pay extra if needed.

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  • check We can design the Gift Card based on your individual request
  • check Gift card for a specific tour or Gift Сard for a specified amount without reference to any dates
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Rules for using the Gift card

  • The gift card cannot be returned or cashed.
  • If the gift card has been presented for a specific tour, but the gift card holder cannot or does not want to go on that particular tour, they can exchange it for another tour that must be equal to the value of the gift card.
  • If the value of the presented gift card is not enough to pay for a selected tour, the remaining amount should be paid by the client.
  • If the value of the presented gift card exceeds the cost of a selected tour, the remaining amount of money is stored on the client’s personal account until the end of the gift card’s validity period.
  • When purchasing a gift card for a certain value or for a tour with an open date, the availability of certain dates of arrival can not be guaranteed. The gift card is not a guarantee; reservations are made only after a client's request.
  • This gift card is valid only if it has been fully paid for by the original purchaser (giver of the certificate)
  • The gift card is valid indefinitely.

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