User Agreement

  1. Key Terms and Definitions:

    1. User - a natural person, a visitor of, who accedes to this Agreement voluntarily and in his/her own interests or is his/her representative on the basis of the current legislation.
    2. Big Country Travel is a website located in the domain and its subdomains.
    3. Administration - Limited Liability Company "Bolshaya strana" (OGRN 1185958020533, TIN/KPP 5908078160/590801001, legal address: Russian Federation, 614032, Perm region, Perm, ul. Sysolskaya, 10/4, sq. 246) .
    4. Service - a set of services provided by Big Country Travel (selection of active tours, phone consultations, sending commercial offers and newsletters).
    5. Agreement - this agreement with all additions and amendments.
    6. Application - provision by the user of his/her contact details (name, phone number, e-mail address), as well as contact details of third parties with their consent (relatives, friends, other tourists) in order to receive service from the Administration.
  2. General provisions of this Agreement

    1. In accordance with Articles 437 and 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the User is recognized as having accepted the terms of this Agreement and entered into contractual relations with the Administration after making an application on the Administration's website.
    2. The Administration processes the User's personal data in accordance with the Federal Law "On Personal Data" No. 152-FZ.
    3. This Agreement comes into force from the moment the User expresses his\her consent to the above conditions and is valid until the Agreement is revoked.
    4. This Agreement may be changed unilaterally by the Administration without prior notice to Users. The new version of the Agreement shall come into force from the moment of its posting on the Big Country Travel website.
  3. Subject of the Agreement

    1. The Administration provides to the user of Big Country Travel service: active tour selection services, provides phone consultations and sends commercial offers and newsletters.
    2. To receive the service, the user clicks on the "Book places" button on the site and makes an application for active tour selection.
    3. By providing in the application his contact information, as well as the contact information of third parties with their consent (friends, relatives, other tourists), the user consents to the use of his contact information by the Administration.
    4. By ticking the box "I accept the terms of the User Agreement", the User accepts the terms of this Agreement and confirms his/her consent to this Agreement. The User's consent is expressed freely, of his\her own free will and in his/her own interest in full, without any reservations and exceptions, is specific and conscious, coming directly from the User. If the User does not agree to use the Service under the terms of this Agreement, the User undertakes to immediately stop using the Service.
    5. Upon receipt of an application from the User, the Administration uses the personal data specified in it to communicate with the User.
    6. In order to provide the Service, the Administration may transfer the personal data of the User to third parties (organizers of active tours).
    7. This Agreement does not apply to legal relations between the User and the tour organizer (i.e. a person who actually provides tourist or other services), which may arise as a result of providing the User with services included in the Service. These legal relations are regulated by contracts (agreements) between the tour organizer and the User, relevant legislative acts of the Russian Federation.
    8. By making a booking request for a tour with the mark "Author's tour", which guide does not have a mark "Tour Operator's Representative", the User also accepts the terms of the public offer online service Klub Gidov, located at
    9. By accepting this User Agreement, the User unconditionally expresses its consent to the Administration (Limited Liability Company "Big Country", OGRN 1185958020533, TIN/KPP 5908078160/590801001) to send to the User's phone number (via SMS messages) and (or) to his accounts of messengers and social networks (Telegram, VKontakte, WhatsApp other), e-mail (hereinafter - means of communication) service and system messages (notifications) necessary for the use of the Service (confirmation codes for session authorization on the site, confirmation of registration and any other), as well as any information necessary for the proper provision by the Administration to the User of services included in the Service: reminders of events: webinars, beginning and end of promotions, cashback, and other advertising materials. The User hereby also confirms that he/she bears full responsibility for ensuring the confidentiality of information received by this method and undertakes to immediately notify the Administration of any cases of hacking, loss of access to means of communication. Until receipt of such a message, the means of communication with the User listed in this paragraph shall be considered safe for use.
  4. Obligations of the User

    1. By accepting the terms of this Agreement, the User recognizes and guarantees the following provisions.
    2. The User provides the Administration with his\her own personal data and data of third parties (friends, relatives, other tourists) with their consent. The User must obtain consent from third parties for the transfer of their personal data before the actual transfer of such data to the Administration.
    3. The User, joining the terms of this Agreement, gives this written consent to the automated processing of personal data provided in order to receive the Service from the Administration.
    4. The User consents to the transfer of personal data (according to paragraph 4.2. of the Agreement) to third parties (organizers of active tours) in order to fully provide the Service.
  5. Copyrights

    1. If the Contractor receives information about copyright infringement in the use of photo and (or) video materials (images and audio) posted on the site, the Contractor removes this information at the first request of the author.
    2. Persons who in their own name place photo and (or) video materials (images and audio) on the site in the section "Author's tours" (as part of the information about a particular tour), are individuals and legal entities - Users of the online service Klub Guidov (, in accordance with its public offer, located at Persons, on their own behalf placing photo and (or) video materials (images and audio) in the section "Tours", "Cruises" (as part of the information about a particular tour), are Legal Entities - Tour Organizers, providing the relevant tourist service.
    3. Any claims of copyright holders regarding violations of exclusive rights to photo and (or) video materials (images and audio) presented on the site, may be brought against the persons who posted them (Authors of tours) (paragraph 5.2 of this Agreement).
    4. By sending to the Administration any photo and (or) video materials (images and audio) created by the User during the period of being on the tour (hereinafter - photo and video materials), via e-mail, messengers, accounts in social networks, publication of feedback on the sites , (hereinafter - sites) and so on, The User hereby grants the Administration the right to use these photo and video materials (including publication, publicizing, reproduction, processing, editing, modification, inclusion in another work, etc.) in its activities (including (but not limited to) for the purposes of creating promotional materials, their distribution, formation of tourist products and their placement on websites, messenger accounts, social networks, etc.), without charging a fee and without limitation on the time of such use, as well as without mandatory attribution in any country of the world (simple non-exclusive license). The Administration also has the right to transfer these photo and video materials to third parties (contractors, subcontractors, counterparties, etc.) for purposes at its discretion (including the fulfillment by the latter of the Administration's orders related to the activities of the services ,, etc.). (placement, sending advertisements, promotion of tourist products, etc.).
  6. Other Terms and Conditions

    1. This Agreement, after its acceptance by the User in accordance with the rules of sections 2 and 3 of this Agreement, acquires the status of an official contract between the User and the Administration. In this case, all previous agreements between the Parties become null and void.
    2. The publication (posting) of this Agreement is a public offer of the Administration, addressed to a wide range of persons in order to provide information services.
    3. By using the functionality of the online service Big Country Travel (sending an application for a tour, selecting a tour, ordering a call on the site, contacting the support service and other actions), the User thereby expresses its consent to the terms of this user agreement and accepts it in full from the date of execution of the above Agreement. A public contract concluded in the above order is recognized by the parties and has full legal force, it does not require paper registration.
    4. This Agreement, the procedure for its conclusion, execution, interpretation, as well as issues not regulated by this Agreement shall be resolved in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
    5. The invalidity of any clause of this Agreement shall not entail its invalidity as a whole.
    6. Nothing in this Agreement can be considered as establishment of legal relations of agent, partnership, joint activity, personal employment or other relations not provided directly in this Agreement.
    7. This Agreement may be changed or terminated unilaterally by the Website Administration without prior notice to the User and without payment of any compensation in this regard.
    8. The present edition of the Agreement can be provided to the User for familiarization in another language. In this case, the Russian version of the Agreement shall prevail for interpretation.
    9. The current version of this Agreement is available at:

Date of publication 18.04.2024.