Winter acquaintance with Kamchatka

In this tour you will get acquainted with winter Kamchatka and see the snow-white splendor of its nature, swim in hot thermal springs in the open air among the snows, visit the foothills of majestic volcanoes, find yourself on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, get acquainted with the historical sites of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and visit the museum of local lore, go skiing or snowboarding on the slopes of the Kamchatka hills You will plunge into the mysterious way of life, traditions and customs of the indigenous peoples of Kamchatka and ride a dog sled.


US$ 785
+ tickets to the starting point of the tour
No need to pay now
7 Days
6 Nights
  • Group departures
    • 31 Dec, 2024 – 6 Jan, 2025
  • Hotel
    6 nights
  • Midscale
Low physical intensity for amateurs and non-experienced travelers
Up to 20 people
Minimum age
10 years old
Group meet at
Contact the tour coordinator
Weekdays: 8am - 8pm
Weekends: 8am - 7pm (GMT +3)
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Tour highlights

Distant Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
Let's get acquainted with such a harsh but amazing capital of the Kamchatka Territory
Pacific Ocean Coast
Let's admire the power and grandeur of the winter Pacific Ocean
Hot springs
Let's relax body and soul at the wild hot springs, where you can warm up and swim
Ski resort
Let's go for a ride on the best Far Eastern ski resort
Kamchatka sled dogs
We will feel like true kayaks: after learning the control technique and familiarizing ourselves with the route, we will walk the track by sled on our own
Snowmobile Delight
We will go on snowmobiles (in sleds) to the foothills of the Avachinsky, Koryaksky and Vilyuchinsky volcanoes


  • Day 1 - Airport – Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

    Meeting at the airport, transfer and hotel accommodation. 

    Transfer from the airport with a stop at the monument "Here begins Russia":

    • Flight 1730 from Moscow arriving at 10:10;
    • flight 5249 from Novosibirsk arriving at 10:30 a.m.;
    • flight 1734 from Moscow arriving at 13:10;
    • flight 1732 from Moscow arriving at 15:30.

    The arrival time of flights can be changed by airlines. 
    Arrivals at other times can join these transfers. 
    The meeting at the airport is carried out only on the scheduled arrival day according to the program. 
    The cancellation of the transfer is not compensated.

    On this day, you can independently see the historical center of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, walk along the embankment, walk along Nikolskaya Sopka, visit the Maksutov battery and other objects of the city's history. 

    Lunch and dinner on this day on your own.

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  • Day 2 - City tours and the Pacific coast
  • Day 3 - To the foothills of Avacha and Koryak volcanoes
  • Day 4 - To the Vilyuchinsky volcano
  • Day 5 - The Mountain Frosty Ski Complex
  • Day 6 - Dog sledding
  • Day 7 - Departure
Low physical intensity for amateurs and non-experienced travelers


  • Hotel
    6 nights
  • Midscale

The tour provides double accommodation in hotels:

  • double accommodation in hotels in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky - 2 nights;
  • double accommodation in a hotel in Paratunka (mainly block-type rooms) - 4 nights;

The surcharge for single occupancy is 24,000 rubles.

Accommodation in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky: two hotels are mainly used: Krasintsev and Arsenyev Hotel. It is also possible to stay at the GUM Hotel or other hotels. The group is accommodated in a single hotel, which is determined by the tour operator based on availability and logistics.

Accommodation in Paratunka: mainly in two hotels: Flamingo and Helios. It is rarely possible to use other similar recreation centers in Paratunka. The choice of the hotel remains with the tour operator (this is primarily due to the sanitary days in the pool at the hotel).

10% discount for children up to and including 14 years old.

Krasintsev or Arsenyev 2 nights

This is a cozy mini-hotel located in the historical center of the city and can accommodate a group of 20 people. 

During the school year, it is mainly used by sports sections of children's tourism, and in the summer season it receives tourists. Here we accommodate double, single and triple rooms. There is a bathroom in each room.

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Another option

The Arsenyev Hotel is located in a picturesque location overlooking Avacha Bay, next to a bus station and a shopping complex with shops and entertainment venues.

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Flamingo Hotel or The Helios Hotel 4 nights

Tour conditions

up to 20 tourists
Minimum age
10 years old
7 days 6 nights
Group meets at

Included in price

  • transportation services under the program;
  • meals specified in the tour program:
    • 1 day: not included;
    • Day 2: breakfast, dinner;
    • Day 3-4: breakfast, lunch, lunch box with hot tea, dinner;
    • Day 5: breakfast, dinner;
    • Day 6: breakfast, lunch;
    • Day 7: Breakfast;
  • double accommodation in hotels in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky – 2 nights;
  • double accommodation in a hotel in Paratunke (mostly block type rooms) – 4 nights;
  • guide services;
  • guided tours according to the program.

Paid extra

  • air and railway tickets to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and back;
  • dinners in the city in a cafe (days 1 and 6);
  • lunch at the cafe (days 1, 2, 5);
  • ski equipment rental, ski lifts payment;
  • the surcharge for single occupancy is 24,000 rubles.;
  • travel insurance;
  • alternative excursions for an additional fee (when recruiting groups):
    • a boat trip on the Avacha Bay - approximately 5,000 rubles/person.;
    • helicopter tour "Flyby of Mutnovsky and Gorely volcanoes, Ksudach volcano caldera, Khodutkin hot springs" - 30,000 rubles/person).
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • air tickets.

It's important to know

Personal equipment you need for the tour

1) insulated jacket and trousers (it can be a down jacket, ski suit and other winter equipment based on the air temperature in mountainous areas in January- February up to (-35 ° C), in March- April up to (-25 ° C));

2) warm thermal underwear;

3) sweatshirt, warm sweater or fleece jacket;

4) Warm hat and scarf or balaclava;

5) warm gloves or mittens (minimum 2 pairs);

6) Warm socks (minimum 2 pairs);

7) High, warm and waterproof boots (or boots);

8) gaiters (preferably, but not necessarily);

9) change of clothes and shoes;

10) bathing accessories (bathing suit, slates, towel);

11) Sunglasses or ski mask;

12) sunscreen, anti-chapping agent, hygienic lipstick;

13) personal first aid kit;

14) personal hygiene items;

15) a small backpack for personal belongings.

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Dates and Prices

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  • Individual dates available on request
    1 Jan – 30 Mar, 2025
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  • US$ 785
    31 Dec, 2024 – 6 Jan, 2025 7 days 6 nights
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