May holidays at geothermal springs. An abbreviated program

The incredibly beautiful foothills and mountains of Adygea will conquer you during these May holidays. You will visit the Una-Koz ridge, the Bolshaya Azishskaya cave and the Lago-Naki plateau. Geothermal springs will take a special place in the journey, which will help restore health and give energy.


US$ 324
+ tickets to the starting point of the tour
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8 Days
7 Nights
  • Group departures
    • 27 Apr – 4 May, 2025
    • 4 – 11 May, 2025
  • or
    Guest House, Hotel
    7 nights
  • Basic+
  • Midscale
For any person
Up to 40 people
Minimum age
3 years old
Group meet at
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Weekdays: 8am - 8pm
Weekends: 8am - 7pm (GMT +3)
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Tour highlights

Horse riding
Let's ride in the saddle and admire the views of Mishoko
Adyghe cheese and other delicacies
Let's try the dishes of national cuisine
Healing springs
Relax in the pools with geothermal water


  • Day 1 - Arrival. Geothermal sources

    Transfer from the airport or railway station (for a list of cities from which a transfer to your place of residence on the tour is organized, see the section "What is included in the tour price").

    We arrive at one of the resort villages located on the Belaya River (Kamennomostsky village, Dakhovskaya station).

    Accommodation in accordance with your contract in comfortable cottages or in a hotel in rooms with all amenities in each room.

    14:00 Lunch and rest.

    18:00-19:00 We have dinner. 

    After dinner we go to the geothermal spring. 

    We swim in pools with running water from a hot spring.

    For those arriving from Sochi, the trip to the geothermal spring is postponed to the evening, on the day when the excursion to the Lago Naki plateau will be held. 

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  • Day 2 - Rufabgo — geothermal source
  • Day 3 - St. Michael's Monastery. Geothermal source
  • Day 4 - A walking tour to the canyon of the Mishoko River or a horse ride. Geothermal sources
  • Day 5 - Walking tour to the canyon "Khadjokh gorge". Geothermal source
  • Day 6 - Car tour on the plateau "Lago-naki" with stops at observation platforms, visit to the equipped cave "Bolshaya Azishskaya"
  • Day 7 - Ascent by cable car to the Una-Koz ridge. Walking tour. Geothermal source
  • Day 8 - Departure
For any person


  • or
    Guest House, Hotel
    7 nights
  • Basic+
  • Midscale

The tour provides accommodation in a hotel or guest house of your choice. 

The cost of the tour (for 1 person) when staying in 2/3 bed rooms with all amenities:

  • Castle of Dreams

Two–level cottage on the banks of a mountain river, in castle style with a real fireplace, unique design - 46,000 rubles. per person.;

  • Aquarium cottage (cottage on the bank of a mountain river);

- room on the 2nd floor – a two-room room in a castle style with a real fireplace and large windows, an area of 44 sq.m. – 46,000 rubles. per person.;

- 2 rooms on the 1st floor – two-room rooms in castle style with a real fireplace – 44,000 rubles. per person.;

  • Guest house "By the mountain";

Wooden log cabin in the old Russian style (with a swimming pool (not thermal). Rooms with all amenities 49,500 rubles. per person.

  • The hotel "Hadjoh County. Improved";

Rooms with all the amenities in the room. TV, refrigerator – 39,900 rubles. per person.;

  • Guest house "At Sergey's";

Rooms with all amenities. In the room: TV, refrigerator – 37,800 rubles. per person.

  • The hotel "Hadjoh County. The Standard"

Rooms with all amenities. In the room: TV, refrigerator – 37,500 rubles.per person.;

  • Guest house On Aminovskaya.

Rooms with all amenities. In the room: TV, refrigerator – 35,000 rubles. per person.

The cost of the tour (for 1 person) when staying in 4-bed rooms with all amenities:

  • the room of the Aquarium cottage on the 2nd floor, the Castle of Dreams36,000 rubles. per person.
  • in the guest house "Wooden cottages"36,000 rubles. per person.

The hostel

  • The hotel "Hadjoh County. The hostel". Shared bathroom and shower - 28,500 rubles. per person.
Guest house "By the mountain" or Guest House On Aminovskaya or 7 nights
Guest house "By the mountain"

It is located a 15-minute walk from the main territory of the base on the outskirts of the village, near the forest. Double, triple, and quadruple rooms are available for accommodation. All amenities in the room. In the room: TV, refrigerator, electric kettle. Meals are served on site in the spacious dining room.

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Another option
Guest House On Aminovskaya

It is a 6-minute walk from the main territory of the base. There are 6 double and triple rooms with all amenities: bathroom with shower in the room, TV, refrigerator, electric kettle.

Another option
Castle of Dreams

Castle of Dreams is a two–level cottage. There is a single space inside without dividing into rooms. On the inner balcony there is a huge bed decorated with wrought-iron vines and an armchair-bed, downstairs there is a fireplace, a sofa and everything necessary for the life of a modern person.

The Castle has a real wood-burning fireplace, shaped window niches covered with tapestry curtains, a round chandelier hanging on a chain from a height of 8 meters, a central window 4 meters high.

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Another option
Guest house "Edelweiss"

Guest House Edelweiss is located in Kamennomostsky Village, 25 km from Agua Temple. It offers free Wi—Fi and free private parking. The hotel is 49 km from Achipse Fortress, less than 1 km from Kamennomostsky and a 15-minute walk from Hadjoh Station. Some rooms have a balcony with mountain views.

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Another option
Aquarium Cottage

All rooms have a separate entrance, two-room, castle-style, with a fireplace in each. 2nd floor – a large flat room.44 sq.m. with a kitchenette, without a stove, with a microwave oven.

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Another option
The Hajoh County Hotel

The guest house "County of Hadjoh" is located in the central part of Kamennomostskaya, 231 meters from the department store Department Store. You can get there on foot. The hotel "County of Hajoh" is a good choice for staying in Kamennomostskaya.

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Another option
Guest house "Gornaya Lavanda"

Gornaya Lavanda is a modern hotel with a terrace. The rooms have all the amenities, refrigerator, TV, kettle, Wi-Fi. On the territory of the hotel there is a shared kitchen, a garden, a picnic area.

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Another option
Guest house "1001 nights"

Offering a garden and barbecue facilities, 1000 and 1 Night Guest House is located in Kamennomostsky Village. Free private parking is available on site. Guests can prepare their own meals in the shared kitchen.

The apartment has 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, bed linen, towels, a flat-screen TV, a dining area, a fully equipped kitchenette and a terrace with garden views.

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Another option
Guest house "At Sergei's"

Rooms with all amenities. In the room: TV, refrigerator. 

Another option
Wooden Cottages Guest House

1-room cottage: one room, hall, bathroom with shower, refrigerator.

Two 2-room cottages, each with two rooms, hall, bathroom with shower, 2 single beds in each room, satellite TV, electric kettle.

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Tour conditions

up to 40 tourists
Minimum age
3 years old
8 days 7 nights
Group meets at

Included in price

  • accommodation in comfortable cottages, (cellular communication and USB modems of any operators work normally in the village, Wi-fi is not everywhere;
  • meals 3 times a day, full-fledged, (if the program of the day of the tour involves returning from the route only in the evening, then a lunch box is given for lunch, and dinner on this day includes, including the first course);
  • visiting geothermal pools in accordance with the tour program;
  • the work of the tour guides according to the tour program;
  • transfers according to the tour program;
  • transfer to the place of residence on the tour.

Paid extra

  • air and railway tickets to Krasnodar and back;
  • return transfer;
  • entrance tickets:
    • "Khadzhokhskaya Gorge" — 600 rubles /person, children from 7 to 14 years old — 400 rubles.;
    • equipped cave "Bolshaya Azishskaya" — 800 rubles, children from 7 to 14 years old - 500 rubles.;
    • lift tickets — 800 rubles, children from 6 to 13 years old — 500 rubles.;
    • tickets for "Rufabgo Waterfalls" — 500 rubles, children from 5 to 13 years old - 250 rubles.;
    • private collection "Rock Garden" — 200 rubles, children from 7 to 10 years - 100 rubles, children from 10 to 14 years — 150 rubles.;
    • visiting the ancient caves-cells of monks – 400 rubles/person.; 
    • private collection "Belovodye" — 200 rubles/person.;
    • the Museum of Nature — 400 rubles/person.;
    • a visit to the rope park is from 300 to 1500 rubles/person.;
    • The National Museum in Maykop — 300 rubles/person.;
    • the Museum of the East — 150 rubles/person.;
    • a trip on a narrow—gauge railway costs 800 rubles, for children from 7 to 13 years old — 400 rubles.;
  • horse riding. The cost depends on the time of the walk: 35 minutes -700 rubles; 1 hour — 1,000 rubles..; 1.5 hours — 1,400 rubles; 2 hours — 1,800 rubles. Delivery to and from the venue of the horse ride is included in the price.

Issued on request:

  • sports insurance;

Additionally, you can visit:

  • Mishoko Extreme Park.

It's important to know

Personal equipment you need for the tour
  • medical insurance policy;
  • honey preparations for your own needs;
  • a small 20-30L backpack to put your camera, lunch box and the little things you need there;
  • a swimsuit and the necessary bathing accessories (slippers, a hat);
  • a windbreaker jacket, raincoat or cape;
  • trekking boots or other shoes with non-slip soles, preferably 2 pairs (per shift); 
  • photo or video equipment (in waterproof packaging);
  • trekking poles (optional).
Are plane tickets included in the price of the tour?
Is insurance included in the price of the tour?
How is the transfer organized in the tour?
How do I get to the gathering place on my own?
How is the food organized on the tour?
What are the health requirements of the tour participants?
What are the features of geothermal silicon sources?
What discounts are available on the tour?

Dates and Prices

The tour dates are not confirmed yet. Please, for clarification
  • from US$ 324
    27 Apr – 4 May, 2025 8 days 7 nights
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  • from US$ 324
    4 – 11 May, 2025 8 days 7 nights
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