New Year's magic of Altai

We invite you to a real adventure! We will go to the snowy Altai Mountains to celebrate the most unforgettable New Year. You will find: a Christmas tree decorated right in the forest, a warm wooden house, fragrant mulled wine, the crackle of a campfire, hundreds of shooting stars, a sauna and swimming in an ice hole. 

And also: frozen waterfalls, blue lakes, an easy hike through majestic mountain ranges, visiting places of power and sacred complexes.


Gorno-Altaysk, Barnaul, Novosibirsk
US$ 537
+ tickets to the starting point of the tour
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5 Days
4 Nights
  • Group departures
    • 30 Dec, 2024 – 3 Jan, 2025
  • Camp Site
    4 nights
  • Midscale
For any person
Up to 18 people
Minimum age
5 years old
Group meet at
Gorno-Altaysk, Barnaul, Novosibirsk
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Weekends: 8am - 7pm (GMT +3)
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Tour highlights

Katun's Eyes
We will walk along the ice of Katun to the ice-free blue lakes, which have received the poetic name "Eyes of Katun"
Mountain Spirits Gorge
Let's take an easy hike through the cult place of the Altaians, where the Dragon's Heart is located
Ski resort
If desired, we will go to the Manzherok GLK, where we can go skiing, snowboarding, tubing
The Swan Nature Reserve
Let's admire the beauty of these extraordinary birds
New Year's Program
We will celebrate the holiday in a cozy company in the forest or with a gloss in the banquet hall


  • Day 1 - Getting to know Altai. The Chuisky tract. Katun River. Patmos Island and Chemalskaya HPP

    09.00-10.00 Meeting of the group at the airport of Gorno-Altaisk. We recommend a flight to this city.

    We can also meet you:

    • 05.00 In Novosibirsk (Lenin street-84, shopping center "Orange");
    • 08.30 Near Barnaul, Sea Buckthorn Group (Novoaltaysk, Dorozhnaya street-13).

    The Chuisky tract is included in the list of the 10 most beautiful roads in the world, on this day we will get acquainted with only a small historical part of it. Today you will see 2 cardinal changes of landscapes and climate, admire the enchanting views of snow-capped peaks and bends of the Katun River (it does not freeze in winter).

    Check-in at the campsite for 2 people per room.

    Walk to Patmos Island, where you will see the chapel on the island, in the middle of the Katun River. A picturesque suspension bridge leads to the chapel.

    Dinner, mulled wine and a dating evening.

    • Accommodation: campsite, double room, room amenities.
    • Meals included: dinner.
    • Excursions: 1. Acquaintance with Altai; 2. Patmos Island and Chemalskaya HPP.
    • By car: from Gorno-Altaysk — 90 km, from Barnaul — 320 km, from Novosibirsk — 540 km.
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  • Day 2 - Blue lakes "Eyes of Katun". The rite of fulfillment of desires. Celebrating the New Year
  • Day 3 - The Gorge of spirits. Askat village of craftsmen
  • Day 4 - Visit to the ski complex "Manzherok". The frozen Kamyshlinsky waterfall
  • Day 5 - Lake of wild swans. Souvenir markets. Return transfer
For any person


  • Camp Site
    4 nights
  • Midscale

The tour provides accommodation in a cozy campsite in the Chemalsky district, double rooms with amenities.

The surcharge for single accommodation is 13,000 rubles.

The name of the campsite will be known closer to the start date of the tour, please specify when booking.

Camp site 4 nights

The tour provides accommodation in a cozy campsite in the Chemalsky district, double occupancy, room amenities. The name of the campsite will be known closer to the start date of the tour, please specify when booking.

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Tour conditions

up to 18 tourists
Minimum age
5 years old
5 days 4 nights
Group meets at
Gorno-Altaysk, Barnaul, Novosibirsk

Included in price

  • transfer from the meeting city and back (Gorno-Altaysk, Barnaul, Novosibirsk);
  • Meals – 4 breakfasts in the cafe;
  • Meals – 3 dinners in a cafe;
  • Accommodation at the campsite – 4 nights;
  • Guided tours according to the tour program + entrance tickets, except for excursions and services marked "extra charge";
  • The work of guides and organizers.

Paid extra

  • air and railway tickets to Gorno-Altaysk, Barnaul, Novosibirsk and back.
  • meals (lunches) – the average check is 650-1000 rubles.;
  • Services of the Manzherok ski complex (ski or snowboard rental for the whole day – 850-1400 rubles; the cost of the lift – from 200 rubles / 1 time; the cost of an excursion lift – 1700-2000 rubles.
  • banquet dinner or banquet events – check with the manager (from 4000 to 12500 rubles)

It's important to know

Personal equipment you need for the tour
  • Shoes: comfortable boots /valenki / ugg boots/boots for excursions. Warm slippers, closed (to walk around the room in them). The banquet hall allows you to wear shoes to a special event (but this is not an obligatory item of clothing);
  • Outerwear: ski suit (if not, then you can replace it with trousers on a synthetic pad and an unsold jacket), warm hat, scarf and balaclava (perfect for horseback riding), ski gloves, or other warm mittens / gloves;
  • Clothing: a sintepon vest, a warm sweater, thermal underwear (can be replaced with a warm tracksuit), wool socks, just socks;
  • Formal wear: formal wear, or a themed costume are welcome! The banquet hall allows you to put on a dress and shoes.
  • Personal hygiene items, a towel, an individual first aid kit.
  • A gift for any randomly selected participant of the event. The gift is chosen at your discretion.
  • For those who plan to visit the ski resort – downhill skis, or snowboard, boots, glasses, gloves (if available). Also, you can rent all this at the ski campsite.
  • Regarding alcohol (for whom it is relevant) – there will be only champagne at the banquet dinner. You can take alcohol with you.
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  • from US$ 537
    30 Dec, 2024 – 3 Jan, 2025 5 days 4 nights
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US$ 537
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