The Valley of lotuses. Sightseeing tour of Kalmykia and Astrakhan region

Blooming lotuses in the Volga delta, saigas in the steppe, singing dunes and unique pink lakes, Buddhist huruli and the capital of the Golden Horde — it seems impossible to combine all this in one journey, but we did it. 

Join our eco—tour to Kalmykia and Astrakhan region - there are many amazing places waiting for you. This tour will appeal to ecotourism enthusiasts and is perfect for a family trip. 

From mid-July to mid-September, lotuses bloom in the Volga Delta. You will see whole "fields" of these extraordinarily beautiful flowers, which are considered a symbol of purity in Buddhism.


G. Elista
US$ 685
+ tickets to the starting point of the tour
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6 Days
5 Nights
  • Group departures
    • 16 – 21 Jul
  • Hotel
    3 nights
  • Camp Site
    2 nights
  • Basic+
  • Midscale
  • Upscale
For any person
Up to 15 people
Minimum age
6 years old
Group meet at
G. Elista
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Weekends: 8am - 7pm (GMT +3)
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Tour highlights

"The Buddha Flower"
This is how the lotus is called in Russia, and you can fully enjoy the incredible beauty and aroma of this flower
The capital of the Golden Horde
Take a walk around the ancient city of Sarai Batu, reconstructed specifically for the filming of the film "Horde"
Central Khurul of Kalmykia
Visit one of the largest Buddhist temples in Europe – the Golden Abode of Buddha Shakyamuni
National flavor
You will get acquainted with the Kalmyk culture, take part in traditional master classes and taste dishes of national cuisine
Bogdo Peak
You will climb one of the most ancient mountains of the Astrakhan Khanate, which offers a magnificent view of the unique salt lake
Memorial Complex
You will visit Mamayev Kurgan, see the main sculpture of the ensemble "Motherland calls!" and the changing of the guard in the Hall of military Glory


  • Day 1 - Arrival in Kalmykia. Elista. The Lone Poplar Natural Monument

    Meeting at Elista airport.

    You can take a morning flight to Volgograd (arrival at 08:40), and transfer to Elista for an additional fee.

    We're going to a cafe for lunch. 

    We check into the hotel, after which we will have a city tour.

    Elista is one of the largest centers of Buddhism in Russia.

    We are waiting for a visit to the Central Khurul of Kalmykia – the Golden Abode of Shakyamuni Buddha and the Pagoda of Seven Days, where the largest prayer drum in Europe is installed – "kurde" with 75 million mantras.

    We will see the statue of Shakyamuni Buddha and the Golden Gate.

    After that, we go to the steppe, to the border of two geomorphological zones: the Kumo-Manych depression and the Ergeninsky hills.

    Here we will visit the natural monument "Lonely Poplar" with a cascade of healing springs.

    They will tell you the legend of this place and find out why it became a Buddhist shrine.

    Back in the city, we will have dinner at the restaurant and relax at the hotel.

    Important: the route and means of transportation according to the program may change depending on weather conditions.

    Length: 100 km.


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  • Day 2 - Salt lakes, "Black Lands" and villages. Adik
  • Day 3 - A trip along the Volga Delta
  • Day 4 - Astrakhan, Sarai-Batu
  • Day 5 - Baskunchak Salt Lake and Bolshoe Bogdo Mountain
  • Day 6 - Volgograd
For any person


  • Hotel
    3 nights
  • Camp Site
    2 nights
  • Basic+
  • Midscale
  • Upscale

The tour provides accommodation in hotels and tourist bases along the way.

The cost of the tour for 1 person is 61,000 rubles.

The surcharge for single accommodation according to the program is 15,000 rubles/person.

A discount of 3000 rubles is available for children under 10 years old.

The first night is a hotel in Elista.

On the 2nd and 3rd day – a tourist base in the Volga River delta.

On the 4th day – at the hotel in Akhtubinsk.

On the 5th day of the tour - a park hotel in the village of Kolkhoznaya Akhtuba in the Volgograd region.

Hotels and bases along the route can be replaced with similar service levels.

The Marco Polo Hotel or The White Lotus Hotel 1 night
The Marco Polo Hotel

The cozy Marco Polo Hotel is located in Elista. It offers comfortable accommodation with amenities, free Wi-Fi and parking.

All categories are equipped with ergonomic furniture and appliances. Other amenities include bed linen, towels and personal hygiene products. The bathroom with shower and toilet is located in the room.

Breakfast is prepared and served every morning. At other times of the day, various dishes are prepared on request for an additional cost.

The Marco Polo Hotel has an excellent location and is popular with visiting guests. The area is popular for hiking and cycling, and bike rental is also available. A shuttle service is available on request.

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Another option
The White Lotus Hotel

The hospitable White Lotus Hotel offers guests comfortable accommodation in the center of Elista. It offers on-site parking, sauna, billiards, swimming pool, tennis court, mini football field. You will get unlimited access to wireless Wi-Fi from the hotel.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the rooms, luxuriously decorated in antique style and furnished with classic furniture. There are safes for valuables and documents, a mini-bar in each room, a TV, air conditioning. In the bathroom you will find a hairdryer, comfortable and soft bathrobes, slippers and other pleasant things.

You can choose a breakfast from several options according to your preferences, which will be delivered directly to your room. The hotel has a restaurant with excellent cuisine and a varied menu.

The Altn Bosch Golden Gate will be located next to you, you will be able to visit the Museum of Fine Arts, the Golden Abode of the Buddha and other attractions. The airport is 8.7 km away, the train station is 2.7 km away.

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The tourist base "Russian manor" 2 nights
Yauza Hotel 1 night
Peresvet Park Hotel 1 night

Tour conditions

up to 15 tourists
Minimum age
6 years old
6 days 5 nights
Group meets at
G. Elista

Included in price

  • accommodation in standard double rooms;
  • nutrition (except dinner on day 4);
  • transfer from Elista airport and to Volgograd airport on the day of the end of the tour;
  • all excursions according to the program, accompanied by a guide;
  • all transfers by car or minibus;
  • camel riding;
  • entrance tickets, offerings;
  • environmental charges;
  • master classes and guided tours according to the program;
  • insurance;
  • the ethnic program in the village of Adyk.

Paid extra

  • air and railway tickets to Elista/ Volgograd and Vologda;
  • transfer from Volgograd airport to Elista – from 1500 rubles.;
  • fishing, game warden services and fishing gear;
  • dinner on the 4th day;
  • single accommodation according to the program – 15,000 rubles/person.

It's important to know

Personal equipment you need for the tour
  • wind- and moisture-proof trousers;
  • a T-shirt with long sleeves;
  • light boots or sneakers;
  • a wind- and moisture-proof jacket with a hood;
  • a personal first aid kit;
  • insect repellent cream;
  • headdress;
  • personal hygiene products;
  • Binoculars (preferably for bird and saiga watching).

The climate in Kalmykia is sharply continental. Daytime temperatures can reach +35°C in summer, and drop to +18°C at night. Gusty winds are also possible. Therefore, take extra warm spare clothes.

Will we get inside the temple? Is it possible to take pictures there?
Is it dangerous to ride camels?
Are plane tickets included in the price of the tour?
What discounts are available on the tour?

Dates and Prices

  • US$ 685
    16 – 21 Jul 6 days 5 nights
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US$ 685
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