Northern Beauty — Pistajoki River

Pistajoki is one of the most interesting rivers in Karelia from a sporting point of view. 

The river carries its waters through the most beautiful corners of North Karelia and attracts not only sports rafting on catamarans, but also excellent fishing on lakes. 

Wild nature, clean air, stormy water are excellent ingredients for active recreation in Karelia!


P. Louhi
US$ 267
+ tickets to the starting point of the tour
No need to pay now
7 Days
6 Nights
  • Group departures
    • 21 – 27 Jul
    • 28 Jul – 3 Aug
    • 4 – 10 Aug
  • Tent
    6 nights
  • Basic
Tourists require hiking experience or special skills, such as: climbing, extreme rafting, etc.
Up to 17 people
Minimum age
10 years old
Group meet at
P. Louhi
Contact the tour coordinator
Weekdays: 8am - 8pm
Weekends: 8am - 7pm (GMT +3)
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Tour highlights

Sports rafting on catamarans
We will go rafting on the Pistajoki River and test ourselves for strength
Excursion to Solovki
We will be able to visit Solovki on an additional day after the end of the tour
The day
We will go fishing on float gear and have a great rest on the lake
Bath procedures
We will relieve fatigue in the conditions of a hike thanks to a tourist bath


  • Day 1 - Rafting from Lake. Kimasjarvi until then. Padun

    04:00 Meeting at the railway station in Louhi village with a sign "Stella".

    Transfer to the lake. Kimasjarvi, 130 km. 

    The passage of the border zone. 

    Breakfast in the field.

    The Pistajoki River is located in the northwestern region bordering Finland. 

    The river is interesting for gaming and sports rafting. The nature of the current is fast, a large number of obstacles of medium difficulty. 

    There are many lakes on the river, separating sections of fast current.

    Preparing the equipment for the river exit. 


    Catamaran rafting: Lake. Kimasjärvi — por. Zakhar (2 K.S.) — por. The rock (2 k.s.) — por. Snake (2-3 k.s.) — pore. Salty (3 k.s.) — pore. Padun (3 k.s.), 7 km.

    Dinner and overnight in the field.

  • Day 2 - Rafting from Lake. Shuvanda to oz. Viheltajarvi
  • Day 3 - Rafting from Lake. Viheltajärvi to the lake. Pistajarvi
  • Day 4 - A day on the lake shore
  • Day 5 - Rafting from Lake. Pistayarvi to oz. Muasjarvi
  • Day 6 - Rafting from Lake. Muasjarvi until then.
  • Day 7 - Rafting to Lake. Korpiyarvi
Tourists require hiking experience or special skills, such as: climbing, extreme rafting, etc.
Tour organizer's comments

On a tour along the Pistajoki river, you need a fairly high physical training, because passing lakes, controlling a catamaran requires the work of each participant, the thresholds are difficult and everyone takes a lot of physical strength.


  • Tent
    6 nights
  • Basic

The tour provides accommodation in 3-bed tents, check-in for 3 people. Each participant is provided with an individual thermal insulation mat.

The cost of the tour for 1 person, depending on the choice of watercraft, RUB.:

Rafting on a 6-seater catamaran5 participants + instructor29 700
Rafting on a 4-seater catamaran3 participants + instructor 
(only for ready-made crew)
36 700
Rafting on a 2-, 4-, 6-seater catamaran (without an instructor)2, 4, 6 participants without an instructor 
(only for ready-made crew)
23 700

Applications for participation in the tour on a 4-seater catamaran are accepted only from ready—made crews - 3 people

Applications for participation in a catamaran tour without an instructor are accepted only from ready-made crews.

The surcharge for accommodation in a double tent is 1,500 rubles/tour. Please inform us about the need for a 2-bed tent when booking a tour.

Children from 10 to 12 years old receive a 15% discount.

Tent camp 6 nights
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Tour conditions

up to 17 tourists
Minimum age
10 years old
7 days 6 nights
Group meets at
P. Louhi

Included in price

  • transportation services according to the program;
  • meals according to the program;
  • the work of instructors;
  • satellite phone for emergency communication;
  • rental of rafting equipment: catamarans, oars, helmets, life jackets, sealed packages, motor + fuel,
  • rental of camp equipment: campfire equipment, tents, thermal insulation mats.

Paid extra

  • railway tickets to Louhi station and back;
  • rent a sleeping bag: temperature comfort +6°, extreme 0° (to be paid when booking a tour) — 700 rubles/tour;
  • accommodation in a 2-bed tent — 1,500 rubles/tour;
  • rent of a neoprene suit (by prior arrangement with the manager) — 3,300 rubles/tour; 
  • insurance of medical and other unforeseen expenses — from 100 rubles/person/day;
  • excursion to Solovki Island — the cost can be specified at the time of booking.

It's important to know

Personal equipment you need for the tour

1. A backpack without a machine or a travel bag.

2. Sleeping bag (if you do not have a personal one, you can rent it from the company, payment is made when booking a trip).

3. A set of clothes for changing clothes after rafting:

  • a set of dry comfortable outerwear;
  • dry comfortable shoes and socks;
  • beanie/bandana/buff;
  • a set of spare underwear.

4. Clothes for sleeping in a tent:

  • warm loose clothing (if available, thermal underwear);
  • warm socks (woolen ones are possible) and a thin hat (nights can be cool);
  • for the evening, a fleece jacket / sweatshirt / jacket.

5. For a trip to the tourist bath:

  • individual towel;
  • swimsuit (boys / girls go to the bathhouse all together, groups of 8-10 people);
  • slates/sandals are sporty.

6. Comfortable shoes without heels, 3 pairs:

  • one for rafting on the river;
  • the second one is for the camp (you can take rubber boots if it rains according to the forecast);
  • The third one is "urban".

7. Personal items:

  • knee pads (optional);
  • repellents (mosquitoes, midges);
  • flashlight with a set of spare batteries;
  • sunglasses and sunscreen and after sunburn, if it is sunny according to the forecast;
  • personal hygiene products (including toilet paper);
  • individual first aid kit;
  • small polyurethane seat mat;
  • portable charger;
  •  personal tableware (mug, deep bowl, spoon).

8. Documents — passport, medical insurance policy (photocopy is possible) in an airtight package.

9. Money — we recommend that you always have a small amount of cash with you so that, if desired, you can quickly buy the necessary things at stops along the route.

10. You can take a camera, there will be sealed packages on the rafts, in which it can be hidden at the moment of passing the threshold.

What are the requirements for physical fitness and age of the tour participants?
How is safety ensured on the route?
Will there be a mobile connection on the route?
How are meals organized on the route?
What are the recommendations for choosing clothes and shoes for rafting?
What kind of rafting equipment is provided?
What kind of camp equipment is provided?
Is it possible to recharge your phone somewhere during the tour?
Can I take my gear?
What are the rules of behavior on the water?
How can I prepare for the tour?
How to protect yourself from a tick bite?
What documents do I need to have with me?
Are train tickets included in the tour price?
Is insurance included in the price of the tour?
Are foreign citizens allowed to participate in the tour?
Are there any fishing restrictions?
What is a tourist bath?
Details about the excursion to Solovki Island
Are there any possible changes in the program?

Dates and Prices

  • from US$ 267
    21 – 27 Jul 7 days 6 nights
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  • from US$ 267
    28 Jul – 3 Aug 7 days 6 nights
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  • from US$ 267
    4 – 10 Aug 7 days 6 nights
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