Big cruise from Norilsk to Krasnoyarsk

A great journey through the expanses of Southern Siberia. This tour contains literally everything: educational excursions, one-of-a-kind museums, acquaintance with the life and traditions of Siberians, invigorating walks in the mountains, a river cruise on a motor ship and sightseeing of the city attractions of Norilsk, Yeniseisk, Krasnoyarsk.


the city of Norilsk
US$ 2 174
+ tickets to the starting point of the tour
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17 Days
16 Nights
  • Group departures
    • 27 Jun – 13 Jul
  • Hotel
    7 nights
  • Cabin on the boat
    4 nights
  • Camp Site
    4 nights
  • Train
    2 nights
  • Basic+
  • Midscale
Low physical intensity for amateurs and non-experienced travelers
Up to 20 people
Minimum age
1 years old
Group meet at
the city of Norilsk
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Weekdays: 8am - 8pm
Weekends: 8am - 7pm (GMT +3)
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Tour highlights

Ethnic immersion
Let's touch the ancient Russian customs in the Shushenskoye ethno-museum, take part in a master class
Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP
Let's marvel at the scope of the most powerful hydroelectric power station in Russia
Krasnoyarsk Pillars
Let's admire the beauty of the picturesque syenite rocks
Yenisei River Cruise
We will stay in local villages, communicate with the residents, and see the real Siberian life
The Hunter's Path
Let's walk along the ecological path leading to a special world, according to the laws of which fur hunters lived
The Hanging Stone
We are waiting for a walk to the famous huge stone, which stands on the edge, as if overhanging the lake


  • Day 1 - Sightseeing tour of Norilsk

    In the morning, arrival in Norilsk, Alykel airport. 

    Meeting, group transfer to the Talnakh hotel, hotel accommodation in 2-bed rooms. 


    Sightseeing tour of Norilsk.

    Norilsk got its name from the name of the area where it is located: the Norilsk River (Norilka) flows near the city (the basin of the Pyasina River), the city itself is located near the Norilsk Mountains.

    Travelers Khariton Laptev, A. F. Middendorf, F. B. Schmidt mention the Norilsk River and the Norilsk Mountains in their reports.

    Today, Norilsk is an industrial city with a rich history, the city–forming enterprise "Norilsk Nickel".  


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  • Day 2 - Excursion to the waterfall "Red stones". The Museum of History. Observation deck
  • Day 3 - Dudinka. Excursion to the Taimyr Museum of Local Lore. Boarding the ship
  • Day 4 - Crossing the Arctic Circle
  • Day 5 - Passage of the village of Verkhneimbatsk
  • Day 6 - Passage of the Osinovsky system
  • Day 7 - Sightseeing tour of the city of Yeniseisk
  • Day 8 - Yeniseisk is an open–air museum. Monastic Lake
  • Day 9 - The plane Museum. Arrow. Departure to Krasnoyarsk
  • Day 10 - Krasnoyarsk Pillars National Park
  • Day 11 - Shushenskoye. "New Village"
  • Day 12 - Shushenskiy Bor National Park
  • Day 13 - Ergaki Nature Park
  • Day 14 - Hanging Stone Tour
  • Day 15 - Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP. Minusinsk
  • Day 16 - Sightseeing tour of Krasnoyarsk. Memorial complex of V.P. Astafiev
  • Day 17 - Completion of the program
Low physical intensity for amateurs and non-experienced travelers


  • Hotel
    7 nights
  • Cabin on the boat
    4 nights
  • Camp Site
    4 nights
  • Train
    2 nights
  • Basic+
  • Midscale

The tour provides accommodation in hotels, camp sites, and 1st class cabins on the ship "A. Sailors", as well as two night crossings in a compartment car.

Additional payment for single accommodation in:

  • Talnakh island (2 nights) – 5,200 rubles/person;
  • in Krasnoyarsk (3 nights) – 4,000 rubles/person.;
  • Shushenskoye – "New village" (2 nights) – 5,500 rubles.,
  • Ergaki (2 nights) – 4,400 rubles. 

Surcharge for a room with amenities in Yeniseisk (2 nights) – 4,000 rubles/person. 

The hotel in Yeniseisk is small, it does not have single rooms, so single accommodation is possible if there is a possibility of buying a second place in a double room + 4000 rubles.

Additional payment for accommodation in cabins with amenities:

  • Suite (all amenities, shower room, also TV, hall, two–room) - on request.
Talnakh Hotel 2 nights

Talnakh Hotel offers modern rooms with a flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi internet access, and a stylish international restaurant. This hotel is located in the north of Siberia, in the Norilsk district of Talnakh.

The classically decorated restaurant at the Talnakh Hotel serves Russian, European and Japanese cuisine. A continental buffet breakfast is served every morning.

All spacious rooms at the Talnakh Hotel feature tea/coffee making facilities, cable TV and a seating area.

For relaxation, there is a sauna, billiards, and a bar in the lobby, which serves a wide selection of drinks.

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The motor ship "A. Sailors" 4 nights
The Yeniseiskaya Hotel 2 nights
Krasnoyarsk Hotel 3 nights
Ergaki campsite 2 nights
"New Village" 2 nights
Overnight transfer by train 2 nights

Tour conditions

up to 20 tourists
Minimum age
1 years old
17 days 16 nights
Group meets at
the city of Norilsk

Included in price

  • transfers according to the program;
  • 3 meals a day (complex);
  • single/double accommodation on the ship in a class I cabin;
  • 2, 3-bed accommodation in hotels;
  • the excursion program;
  • entrance tickets to museums;
  • railway tickets (compartment) Krasnoyarsk – Minusinsk – Krasnoyarsk.

Paid extra

  • air-railway tickets to Norilsk and from Krasnoyarsk;
  • additional payment to non–citizens of the Russian Federation for entry into the territory of the Arctic from 1 person - 4,000 rubles.
  • transfer from the Krasnoyarsk hotel to Yemelyanovo airport, railway station.
  • accident insurance.

It's important to know

Personal equipment you need for the tour

1. Documents: passport, insurance policy (medical);
2. Your individual medications;
3. Clothes for hot and cool weather:

  • windproof jacket;
  • raincoat (or waterproof jacket);
  • warm tracksuit (sweatshirt, pants);
  • T-shirts with long and short sleeves;
  • thermal underwear;
  • lightweight sweatpants;
  • gloves;
  • socks (warm, trekking, cotton);
  • neck band (buff, bandana);
  • swimsuit / swimming trunks.

4. Shoes:

  • trekking boots;
  • replacement shoes (light sneakers);
  • sandals (or flip-flops);
  • rubber boots (optional).

5. Hat with brim (panama hat, cap with visor);
6. Sunglasses;
7. Sunscreen, repellent, personal care products;
8. It is useful to have: a headlamp (+spare batteries), a penknife, a seat, sealed bags for the most important things: documents, phone, camera, towel, a small backpack for walking.

We recommend not to take large suitcases on the tour, because some hotels do not have an elevator (in the Talnakh Hotel, the Yeniseiskaya hotel).

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What is the weather like on tour?
Do I need special permits for foreign citizens?

Dates and Prices

  • US$ 2 174
    27 Jun – 13 Jul 17 days 16 nights
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