The Tale of the North on the Kola Peninsula

A unique all-inclusive tour to the Kola Peninsula, in which we will visit top locations, go to Teriberka to the edge of the earth, arrange a hunt for the northern lights, get acquainted with the culture of the indigenous people of the north, ride sleds with sports huskies, arrange a snowmobile race in the Khibiny and much more!

US$ 1 640
+ tickets to the starting point of the tour
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5 Days
4 Nights
  • Group departures
    • 24 – 28 Jan, 2025
    • 7 – 11 Feb, 2025
    • 21 – 25 Feb, 2025
    • 6 – 10 Mar, 2025
    • 20 – 24 Mar, 2025
  • Hotel
    4 nights
  • Upscale
Low physical intensity for amateurs and non-experienced travelers
Up to 7 people
Minimum age
14 years old
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Weekdays: 8am - 8pm
Weekends: 8am - 7pm (GMT +3)
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Tour highlights

Hunting for the Northern Lights
We will go twice in search of the Aurora borealis with a photographer guide
Ethnic immersion
We will visit a Sami village and get acquainted with reindeer
The famous Teriberka
We will see the "graveyard of ships", the "dragon eggs" beach and the frozen waterfall
Snowmobile Night Safari
Let's go to Khibiny to see the northern lights over the mountains
Pleasant relaxation
Let's take a steam bath and recuperate in the hotel's spa area
Arctic cuisine
Let's enjoy salmon soup, venison and the freshest seafood


  • Day 1 - Arrival in Murmansk. Hunting for the Northern Lights

    Arrival in Murmansk. 

    Recommended arrival time: before 13:00.

    Transfer from the airport to the Arctic Home Country Hotel.

    Check-in, rest.

    Organized lunch at the hotel restaurant.

    A forest walk on snowshoes through the local surroundings.

    A visit to the sauna on site. 

    Bath accessories are included in the price.

    Welcome dinner at the hotel restaurant.

    Under favorable weather conditions, we go hunting for the northern lights.

    In total, the program includes 2 trips to hunt for the northern lights with a professional photographer guide.

    How the Northern Lights tour is going:

    1. Approximate time of the training camp: 20:00-21:00. The exact time and place of the gathering will be announced the day before by the coordinator of the care department.
    2. Let's go on tour! The duration of the hunt is 3-5 hours, depending on how quickly we find the starry sky. The most northern lights can appear at any moment!
    3. Photography is included in the price of the tour. First we will take group photos, then individual ones.
    4. To keep warm, you will be offered hot tea with light snacks (sweets, chocolate, cookies).
    5. During the tour, the guide will tell you about the nature of the northern lights, and how it happens.
    6. After the tour, you will be taken to your place of residence in Murmansk. The approximate time of return to the hotel is 00:00-02:00 at night.
    7. You will receive photos after the tour within 7 days in the format of a link to Google Drive or Yandex Disk.
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  • Day 2 - A journey to the ends of the earth. Teriberka
  • Day 3 - A trip to the Khibiny Mountains
  • Day 4 - Khibiny to the maximum. Northern Lights Safari
  • Day 5 - Husky park "Lesnaya Elan". Lovozero district
Low physical intensity for amateurs and non-experienced travelers
Tour organizer's comments

Snowmobile driving experience is desirable, but not required


  • Hotel
    4 nights
  • Upscale

The tour provides accommodation for:

  • Arctic Home is an eco—hotel in the suburbs of Murmansk, where we will stay for the first 2 nights. Rooms of the Standard category. Here we will visit the sauna complex on the first day of the tour.
  • Severnaya is a comfortable hotel after renovation in the very center of Kirovsk. Rooms of the Comfort category. A spa area is available for tour participants.

The cost of the tour:

  • double occupancy — 148 000 rubles/person.;
  • single occupancy — 166,000 rubles/person.
The Arctic Home Hotel 2 nights

A comfortable country eco-hotel is a 15-minute drive from Murmansk in a picturesque forest. A panoramic platform with a view of Kilda Lake and the surrounding area. When the sky is clear, it is convenient to observe the northern lights on the observation deck.

Double accommodation in Standard rooms. Wi-Fi in the rooms and in the restaurant.

A real live bathhouse made of a log cabin of Karelian dry pine.

The restaurant with panoramic windows creates a unique atmosphere. The menu of the Arctic cuisine.

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Severnaya Hotel 2 nights

Tour conditions

up to 7 tourists
Minimum age
14 years old
5 days 4 nights

Included in price

  • accommodation for 4 nights (Arctic Home, "Severnaya");
  • visit to the bathhouse;
  • cooking class;
  • gastro-lunch with fresh seafood;
  • forest walk on snowshoes;
  • Hunting for the Northern Lights;
  • Teriberka tour to the edge of the earth;
  • Khibiny Tour;
  • snowmobile safari in the Khibiny behind the Northern Lights;
  • Lesnaya Elan Husky Park tour;
  • tour to the Sami (ethnic) village with deer;
  • sledding with huskies;
  • access to the hotel's spa area;
  • all entrance tickets;
  • full board meals;
  • professional guides with at least 5 years of experience;
  • Transport service: modern Mercedes Sprinter;
  • registration of passes: Teriberka;
  • support for the care department in Murmansk;
  • transfer from/to the airport.

Paid extra

  • air and railway tickets to Murmansk and back;
  • souvenirs, personal expenses.

It's important to know

Personal equipment you need for the tour
  • passport;
  • MHI policy;
  • cash;
  • personal thermos or thermos cup (optional);
  • Portable charging;
  • personal hygiene items;
  • personal first aid kit;
  • a backpack for personal belongings.

The air temperature in Murmansk can drop to -35 °C and below, so we recommend taking it with you:

  • thermal underwear;
  • a warm jacket and trousers;
  • warm shoes;
  • hat, scarf, gloves (take spare things with you);
  • a fleece hoodie. 

There are no such things as a lot of warm clothes!

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What is the food on the tour?
Are there any guarantees that we will see the northern lights?
Can I go on tour if I haven't driven a snowmobile before?
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What will we do if the road to Teriberka is closed?
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Dates and Prices

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  • US$ 1 640
    24 – 28 Jan, 2025 5 days 4 nights
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  • US$ 1 640
    7 – 11 Feb, 2025 5 days 4 nights
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  • US$ 1 640
    21 – 25 Feb, 2025 5 days 4 nights
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  • US$ 1 640
    6 – 10 Mar, 2025 5 days 4 nights
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  • US$ 1 640
    20 – 24 Mar, 2025 5 days 4 nights
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US$ 1 640
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