Sports and recreation tent camp

We invite you to spend a wonderful vacation in the Altai Mountains in a tent camp in the Uymon valley. A special feature of the program are daily hiking trips, different in level of difficulty and duration, but they are all carried out light – without backpacks!


US$ 519
+ tickets to the starting point of the tour
No need to pay now
8 Days
7 Nights
  • Group departures
    • 16 – 23 Jun
    • 23 – 30 Jun
    • 30 Jun – 7 Jul
    • 7 – 14 Jul
    • 14 – 21 Jul
  • Tent
    7 nights
  • Basic
Low physical intensity for amateurs and non-experienced travelers
Up to 20 people
Minimum age
5 years old
Group meet at
Contact the tour coordinator
Weekdays: 8am - 8pm
Weekends: 8am - 7pm (GMT +3)
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Tour highlights

Healing properties of herbs of the Altai Mountains
We will meet with the herbalist at the tea ceremony, taste the most fragrant herbal teas with alpine honey
The culture of the Old Believers
Let's touch the culture of the Old Believers and get acquainted with the heritage of the Roerich family in Upper Uymon
High-altitude lake Kuyguk
Let's relax and chat with nature on the shore of a beautiful lake, admire the waterfall of the same name
The Multin Lakes
We will climb up to the Multin lakes, admire the mirrored surface reflecting the clouds floating in the blue sky and the peaks of the nearest mountains


  • Day 1 - Arrival in the village of Ust-Koksa

    Departure to the village of Ust-Koksa.

    Departure from Gorno-Altaysk (airport) at 11:00 (transfer is charged separately).

    The bus from Gorno-Altaisk arrives in Ust-Koksa at 17:00.

    The road passes along the famous Chui tract among the rocky ridges of the Altai Mountains, then along the Kansk steppe to the Uymon Valley.

    Gathering of the group in the village of Ust-Koksa.


    The briefing.

    A walk to the confluence of the Koksa and Katun.


    Length: 375 km from Gorno-Altaysk; on foot – 3 km
    Meals included: dinner at the cafe. Meals on the road are at your own expense.

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  • Day 2 - Walking tour to the Bashtalinsky lake
  • Day 3 - Meeting with the herbalist and the Museum of gems
  • Day 4 - Excursion to Krasnaya Mountain
  • Day 5 - Ascent along the Multa river to the mountain lakes
  • Day 6 - Radial access to the high-altitude lake Kuyguk
  • Day 7 - Descent from the Multin lakes
  • Day 8 - S. Upper Uymon
Low physical intensity for amateurs and non-experienced travelers
Tour organizer's comments

Physical fitness: minimal


  • Tent
    7 nights
  • Basic

The tour provides accommodation in the village. Ust-Koksa at the Altair Eco-Tourist Complex (5 nights) in a tent city, as well as overnight stays in tourist tents on the Multin Lakes (2 nights).

The cost of the tour for 1 person, depending on the type of accommodation, RUB / person:

Type of placementCost
2,3-person tents46 200

On request, it is possible to stay in hotels in Ust-Koksa village for an additional fee. Check the availability of seats with the manager.

Altair Eco-Tourism Complex 5 nights

It is located in one of the most beautiful places in Altai, the village of Ust-Koksa, in a clearing between two mountain ranges. It is a green area surrounded by a birch forest. Literally 100 m away flows the most beautiful river of Altai – Katun. In the center of the village there are cafes, shops, post office, telegraph, long-distance telephone, cash desks for accepting payments for mobile communications.

The most comfortable conditions have been created on the territory of the camp: a summer cafe with a real Russian stove, well-equipped toilets and washbasins, showers, a campfire place for evening gatherings, a sauna for 10-12 people, a gazebo, free Wi-Fi. 

2,3-person tents – 2-person tents, travel mats, sleeping bags, sleeping bags inserts.

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Tent camp on the route 2 nights

Tour conditions

up to 20 tourists
Minimum age
5 years old
8 days 7 nights
Group meets at

Included in price

  • 3 meals a day (except meals on the road);
  • program maintenance;
  • guide services;
  • group and individual camping equipment: tents, sleeping bags, mats, backpacks, campfire equipment + awning, first aid kit;
  • accommodation on the territory of the tent camp;
  • shower on the territory of the t/c;
  • excursion to the village of Verkhny Uymon (8th day);
  • entrance tickets to the Museum of Old Believers and the Roerich Family Museum;
  • all transfers according to the program;
  • casting and descent to the Lower Multinskoye lake on GAZ-66.

Paid extra

  • air and railway tickets to Gorno-Altaysk and back;
  • meals on the way to Ust-Koksa;
  • medical insurance;
  • bathhouse;
  • washing (1 bookmark – 400 rubles);
  • transport delivery to Ust-Koksa:
    • Gorno-Altaysk – Ust-Koksa – Gorno-Altaysk – 6,000 rubles/person.;
  • additional activities and entertainment:
    • horseback riding from 1500 rubles/hour;
    • Katun or Coke rafting from 2000 rubles/person, depending on the duration of the alloy;
    • Apidomik (a unique wellness procedure – sleep on bees) 1000 rubles/per session;
    • massage from 1500 to 2000 rubles, depending on the zones;
    • bath 1500 rubles/hour (capacity 5 people), sheets for 5 people included. (brooms, steam room services for an additional fee).

It's important to know

Personal equipment you need for the tour
  • Trekking shoes for movement – 1 pair (worn light or medium trekking boots or sneakers);
  • Replaceable lightweight shoes for camping and crossing rivers into a ford – 1 pair ("crocs" or light sandals; flip-flops without fastening in the heel area are NOT recommended);
  • Lightweight trekking pants, made of synthetics – 1 pair;
  • T–shirt for movement, running - 2 pieces (at least 1 with long and 1 with short sleeves, made of moisture-wicking, quick-drying synthetics; shirts, cotton T-shirts are NOT recommended);
  • Fleece jacket for movement – 1 piece (fleece weight from light to medium)
  • A warm sweater for camp or long halts – 1 piece (or a down jacket with natural or synthetic insulation; alternatively, a second thick fleece; knitted wool and fur items are NOT recommended);
  • jacket (windbreaker, rain membrane) in June, late August down jacket;
  • Raincoat (if there is a waterproof jacket, then it is not needed; a disposable plastic one is NOT recommended);
  • Warm synthetic hat – 1 piece;
  • Synthetic gloves, running gloves – 1 pair;
  • Trekking socks for movement – 2-3 pairs;
  • Warm Sleep Socks – 1 pair;
  • Sports underwear for movement – 2 sets;
  • A set of underwear for sleeping (thermal underwear, or a regular T-shirt and long johns);
  • Sunglasses with UV protection factor UV400;
  • Sunscreen for face and hands with protection factor SPF 50;
  • Headdress for movement – (hat, cap; bandana as an option) 1 piece;
  • KLMN – mug, spoon, bowl, knife – (plastic, aluminum, stainless steel or titanium; porcelain, glass is NOT recommended);
  • Water container (flask/bottle, plastic or metal, 0.5-0.7l ; hydrator is NOT recommended) – 2 bottles;
  • The seat (podpopnik);
  • Personal hygiene products (toothbrush and paste, toilet paper, a small bottle of shampoo or liquid soap for 1-2 applications, a small towel; deodorants, perfumes, cosmetics and excessive amounts of washing and skin care products are NOT recommended);
  • Roll Band-aid (to seal up your calluses);
  • Individual medicines (in small quantities);
  • The flashlight is lightweight;
  • The backpack is lightweight for 20-30 liters for radial exits;
  • Boots made of Evo material (for camp/wet weather).
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Dates and Prices

  • from US$ 519
    16 – 23 Jun 8 days 7 nights
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  • from US$ 519
    23 – 30 Jun 8 days 7 nights
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  • from US$ 519
    30 Jun – 7 Jul 8 days 7 nights
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  • from US$ 519
    7 – 14 Jul 8 days 7 nights
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  • from US$ 519
    14 – 21 Jul 8 days 7 nights
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