Half of Lake Baikal in 7 days

A great trip to the coolest and most interesting places of Lake Baikal. We will get an incredible amount of positivity and positive emotions, we will cross Lake Baikal from the west to the east coast! 

Only the best attractions: Baikal Museum, Irkutsk, Tazheran steppes, Olkhon Island, the center of Buddhism, thermal springs of Zmeina Bay.


Russia, Irkutsk
US$ 1 673
US$ 1 432
+ tickets to the starting point of the tour
No need to pay now
7 Days
6 Nights
  • Group departures
    • 2 – 8 Feb, 2025
    • 9 – 15 Feb, 2025
    • 17 – 23 Feb, 2025
    • 23 Feb – 1 Mar, 2025
    • 2 – 8 Mar, 2025
  • Guest House
    4 nights
  • Hotel
    1 night
  • Basic+
For any person
Up to 16 people
Minimum age
7 years old
Group meet at
Russia, Irkutsk
Contact the tour coordinator
Weekdays: 8am - 8pm
Weekends: 8am - 7pm (GMT +3)
Or text us in messengers

Tour highlights

Ice skating on Lake Baikal
Let's go ice skating on the world's largest ice rink
Adorable furry friends
We will visit the sled dog center, ride a dog sled and arrange a photo shoot with malamute puppies
Hivus rides
We will travel on the ice of Lake Baikal on an unusual transport


  • Day 1 - Meeting. Listvyanka

    A guide will meet you at Irkutsk airport. 

    Departure from Irkutsk to the village of Listvyanka, located on the shore of Lake Baikal at the source of the Angara River. 

    On the way, we will make a stop at the sled dog center, ride a dog sled, and taste a hot herbal tea. 

    Arrival in the village of Listvyanka. 

    The first meeting with Lake Baikal! 

    Lunch at the restaurant "Last century". 

    Check-in at the Legend of Baikal Hotel / Demidov Manor.

    After lunch, we will visit the interactive museum about Lake Baikal with Baikal inhabitants. 

    We will take a chairlift to the Chersky Stone observation deck and walk down the terrancourt trail.

    Free time. 

    You can relax from the road at the hotel, have dinner at a restaurant or cafe in the village of Listvyanka, ride a snowmobile, order a sauna - additional options. 

    Meals: lunch. Accommodation: hotel "Legend of Baikal"/ "Demidov Manor" , standard, double occupancy.

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  • Day 2 - Traveling on Khivus
  • Day 3 - Olkhon Island
  • Day 4 - Crossing of Lake Baikal
  • Day 5 - Visiting the open thermal springs
  • Day 6 - Hospitable Buryatia
  • Day 7 - Return
For any person


  • Guest House
    4 nights
  • Hotel
    1 night
  • Basic+

The tour provides accommodation in hotels and camp sites: standard + economy (with amenities in the room and with amenities on the floor along the route).

Below are the possible accommodation options.

Guest house "Demidov Manor" 1 night

Offering a garden, free parking and a children's playground, Manor Demidova Guest House is located 50 metres from the shore of Lake Baikal in Listvyanka Village.

Some rooms have a view of the lake. There is also a shared lounge with a TV. Laundry services are available upon request.

Breakfast is served in the guest house's restaurant.

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Nikita Bencarov's Estate 1 night
Buryatia Hotel 1 night
Guest house in Ust-Barguzin village 2 nights

Tour conditions

up to 16 tourists
Minimum age
7 years old
7 days 6 nights
Group meets at
Russia, Irkutsk

Included in price

  • the accommodation specified in the program is 6 nights; 
  • Meals: 6 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 5 dinners;
  • all types of transfers according to the program. Full transport support;
  • guide services;
  • guided tours according to the program, including entrance tickets and permission to visit the Baikal National Park.

Paid extra

  • air and railway tickets to Irkutsk and back from Ulan-Ude or Irkutsk;
  • rental of ice floats;
  • skate rental;
  • bathhouse;
  • accommodation in Irkutsk before the start of the route;
  • additional drinks and food (except those specified in the program).

It's important to know

Personal equipment you need for the tour
  • Suitcase/bag/backpack + small backpack for active excursions;
  • Individual first aid kit: medicines for you personally, Band-Aid, elastic bandage, cream, etc.;
  • Documents: passport, MHI insurance policy – packed in an airtight package;
  • Flashlight (with a spare set of batteries);
  • Photo camera;
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, etc.);
  • Shoes: comfortable shoes for the season! Boots/valenki/winter boots/EVA boots;
  • Replaceable shoes: favorite slippers;
  • Socks – 2 p., warm socks – 2 p.;
  • Change of underwear;
  • Swimsuit (for visiting thermal springs, if they are in the program);
  • Thermal underwear;
  • Insulated trousers and jacket, wind- and moisture–proof - you can ski insulated;
  • a suit or a down jacket. WINDPROOF WITH A HOOD!;
  • Comfortable clothes for staying indoors (tracksuit, jeans + T-shirt);
  • T–shirts/turtlenecks - the quantity is at your discretion;
  • A warm sweater or fleece (it is much lighter in weight and easy to dry);
  • Hat + scarf, balaclava is possible;
  • Mittens/gloves;
  • Sunglasses;
  • Sunscreen (snow strongly reflects sunlight!);
  • Hot water bottles are chemical.
Are plane tickets included in the price of the tour?
Is insurance included in the price of the tour?

Dates and Prices

  • US$ 1 432
    2 – 8 Feb, 2025 7 days 6 nights
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  • US$ 1 432
    9 – 15 Feb, 2025 7 days 6 nights
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  • US$ 1 432
    17 – 23 Feb, 2025 7 days 6 nights
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  • US$ 1 432
    23 Feb – 1 Mar, 2025 7 days 6 nights
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  • US$ 1 432
    2 – 8 Mar, 2025 7 days 6 nights
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