Our trip will take place on the territory of Kabardino-Balkaria, not far from the Elbrus region. It is here that the Bezengi Gorge is located – one of the pearls of the Caucasus! 

The Main Caucasian Ridge is not just close here, you can touch it with your hand. Arriving here, the huge, snow–white Bezengi wall immediately attracts attention - it is a 12-kilometer mountain range, the highest section of the Main Caucasian Ridge. Of the eight "five thousand meters" of the Caucasus, six are located in the area of the Bezengi gorge. 

Waterfalls, mountain lakes and sparkling glaciers adorn these places. In July, the eye will be pleased with bright flowers, in August and September the gorge will pamper us with ripe raspberries and blueberries. And, of course, the highlight of Bezenga is its night sky, decorated with thousands of bright stars! 


Russia, Stavropol Territory, Mineralnye Vody
US$ 353
+ tickets to the starting point of the tour
No need to pay now
7 Days
6 Nights
  • Group departures
    • 28 Jul – 3 Aug
    • 11 – 17 Aug
    • 18 – 24 Aug
    • 25 – 31 Aug
    • 1 – 7 Sep
  • Tent
    6 nights
  • Basic
Low physical intensity for amateurs and non-experienced travelers
Up to 16 people
Minimum age
6 years old
Group meet at
Russia, Stavropol Territory, Mineralnye Vody
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Weekdays: 8am - 8pm
Weekends: 8am - 7pm (GMT +3)
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Tour highlights

Colorful and lush meadows
Here, alpine meadows stretch at the foot of the highest and most spectacular mountains of the Caucasus
Bright photo locations
You can take luxurious photos of water splashes against the background of mountains, blooming fields, the rarest flowers are the highlight of these places
Spectacular views
We will walk along a rocky slope, walk along a moraine and leave our footprints on a real glacier


  • Day 1 - Bezengi Gorge and Camp

    11:00-11:30 Gathering of the group at the airport and at the railway station in Mineralnye Vody (near the main entrance to the station from the city side). 

    Transfer by bus to the Bezengi camp (about 4-5 hours). In the village of Bezengi, the usual asphalt ends and a dirt road begins.

    We are finally in the mountains! Against the background of snow–capped peaks, the mecca of climbers - the high-altitude alpine camp "Bezengi" flaunts.

    We will set up our own tent camp on its landscaped territory. The instructor will help beginners and teach them how to set up a tent. Our camp will be in one place during the whole hike.

    Today we will take a sightseeing tour of the territory of the alpine camp and climb to the observation deck. From here we will see the gorges of the Mizhirgi, Bezengi rivers and part of the famous Bezengi wall.

    The Bezengi camp is a separate, amazing world. On its territory there are buildings for living, a private dining room, a shower room, a gift shop, a place for a camp with tents and even a kindergarten. When going to the mountains, climbers and tourists can always leave their children here under supervision. 

    Tourists really like to gather in a local cafe, where there is a large, relief layout of the Bezengi district, which we will also see today.

    The campsite is located at an altitude of 2140 m

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  • Day 2 - Bezengi Gorge. Zhigindzhi Waterfall. Ecotrope to the glacier
  • Day 3 - Hike to Gidan Waterfall, Mizhirgi Glacier, North Wall
  • Day 4 - Mizhirga Glacier and "Football Field 1"
  • Day 5 - The Troll's Tongue Mega-viewing platform
  • Day 6 - Bezengi Glacier
  • Day 7 - Departure from Bezenga
Low physical intensity for amateurs and non-experienced travelers
Tour organizer's comments

The difficulty level of the route: moderate (40% of the route), medium (60% of the route). 
The route is trekking and provides for walking through mountainous (rugged) terrain. This type of active recreation involves daily climbing and dropping heights (ascents and descents).
The route passes through forest trails, dirt roads, alpine meadows, large and small stones. The routes will have an altitude difference of 160 to 480 m per day. On one day of the route, the altitude difference will be 800 m.
Climbing up to 800 m is about the same as climbing 260 floors.


  • Tent
    6 nights
  • Basic

Accommodation in a private tent in a paid parking lot on the territory of the Bezengi alpine camp.

There are equipped toilets in the parking lot, there is a hot shower, a laundry room (laundry services are paid additionally), a drying room for things, a cafe, a gift shop, a tourist equipment store, a grocery store, in the cafe there is an opportunity to charge photo and video equipment for free. 

"Bezengi" 6 nights

Tour conditions

up to 16 tourists
Minimum age
6 years old
7 days 6 nights
Group meets at
Russia, Stavropol Territory, Mineralnye Vody

Included in price

  • road crossings along the route;
  • accommodation in a private tent in a paid parking lot on the territory of the Bezengi alpine camp;
  • three meals a day according to a set menu (the menu is not individual!): breakfast (day 2-7) and dinner (day 1-6) are prepared in the camp, lunch (day 2-7) in the form of dry rations in the mountains (sausage, cheese, tea, cookies, chocolate, sweets). Every day, tourists on duty are assigned who are engaged in cooking;
  • environmental fees in the Kabardino-Balkarian Nature Reserve;
  • rental of group equipment (campfire equipment, boilers, gas burners, awning, group first aid kit);
  • the services of an instructor-guide.

Paid extra

  • air and railway tickets to the beginning of the route and back (Mineralnye Vody);
  • lunch during the transfer on the 1st day;
  • personal equipment (tent, sleeping bag, karemat). If necessary, we will provide rental of camping equipment;
  • insurance (optional).

It's important to know

Personal equipment you need for the tour

We draw your attention to the rules of choosing clothes for the trip: in the Caucasus, you can wear trousers and T-shirts. Shorts and T-shirts should not be taken for a trip to the Caucasus.

  • tent;
  • backpack / bag / suitcase for things;
  • sleeping bag (comfort temperature 0...-5C). The air temperature in the tent at night is +4...+9C.;
  • karemat;
  • podpopnik
  • hat, gloves;
  • cap / panama hat;
  • jacket. The air temperature in the early morning and late evening is +8...+12C.;
  • fleece;
  • T-shirt;
  • lightweight long sleeve shirt. The shirt will protect your arms and neck from burning;
  • Buff. Protects the neck from burning, can be used as a headdress;
  • running trousers;
  • underwear, socks;
  • trekking shoes up to the ankle and above;
  • shoes for walking in the camp. The grass in the camp is wet with dew in the morning and evening. We recommend that you have closed shoes, for example, galoshes;
  • swimsuit;
  • for girls on request: dress for a photo shoot on the background of mountains (optional);
  • waterproof clothing or raincoat from the middle of the thigh and below;
  • trekking poles. Sticks significantly reduce the load on the knees. Physically strong and healthy tourists are recommended to have sticks with them. Tourists who have problems with knees, joints and overweight should have trekking poles (required);
  • if necessary, the club provides trekking poles for rent;
  • passport / birth certificate of the child. It is mandatory to have the original documents (not a copy);
  • camera/video camera. In several gorges along the route that enter the border zone, it is forbidden to use a quadcopter for filming;
  • toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, razor, towel);
  • hairbrush;
  • sunglasses;
  • 0.5L plastic bottle (for drinking water on the route);
  • toilet paper;
  • a plate, a mug, a spoon. The plate and mug must be non-breakable (plastic or iron);
  • headlamp;
  • wet wipes. Thread, needle;
  • backpack for walking (volume 20-25 liters). The backpack contains the tourist's personal belongings (fleece, raincoat, water bottle, etc.), as well as public food for lunch, which is issued by the instructor (the weight of the products is 400-600 grams);
  • Portable Power Bank charger for charging a mobile phone (optional);
  • sunscreen, hygienic lipstick;
  • a protective cream against insect bites. There may be mosquitoes in the evenings. There are no ticks;
  • cash;
  • individual first aid kit. Required: elastic bandage, patch.
Are plane tickets included in the tour price?
Is insurance included in the price of the tour?

Dates and Prices

  • US$ 353
    28 Jul – 3 Aug 7 days 6 nights
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  • US$ 353
    11 – 17 Aug 7 days 6 nights
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  • US$ 353
    18 – 24 Aug 7 days 6 nights
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  • US$ 353
    25 – 31 Aug 7 days 6 nights
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  • US$ 353
    1 – 7 Sep 7 days 6 nights
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