4 days on the Uksa River in Karelia. Catamaran rafting

Rafting on the Uksa River is an excellent choice for lovers of rafting on big water. A stunningly beautiful river with famous rapids awaits you, overcoming which will give you a lot of unforgettable impressions. 

The peculiarity of the river is the rapidly decreasing water level, so you need to have time to visit it in spring or early summer. The May water in everyone will awaken sports excitement and the desire to forget about everything in the world!


US$ 212
+ tickets to the starting point of the tour
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4 Days
3 Nights
  • Group departures
    • 27 – 30 Apr, 2025
    • 5 – 8 May, 2025
    • 8 – 11 May, 2025
    • 12 – 15 Jun, 2025
  • Tent
    3 nights
  • Basic
Does not require special skills, but tourists must be physically fit: expeditions, long rafting, etc.
Up to 17 people
Minimum age
16 years old
Group meet at
Contact the tour coordinator
Weekdays: 8am - 8pm
Weekends: 8am - 7pm (GMT +3)
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Tour highlights

Extreme sensations
We will overcome the thresholds of 3-4 categories of difficulty and roll heartily on the threshold of the "Pink Elephant"
Unity with nature
We'll live on the riverbank in a tent camp
Camping kitchen
Let's enjoy delicious campfire food "with smoke" and fragrant mulled wine
A master class on cooking fish
Let's learn how to cook Karelian trout according to the recipe from the instructors
Bath procedures
We will go to Mobib's hiking bath on rafting, and after passing the route, a sauna will be waiting for us in D. Uuksu
A cozy atmosphere with your own hands
We will communicate a lot, sing guitar songs and play games


  • Day 1 - The beginning of the alloy: por. The bridge is a port. Stairs – por. Kolokoski – pore. The saucer

    07:50 We will meet in Petrozavodsk at the arrival time of train No. 18 (Moscow-Petrozavodsk).

    A greeter with a sign will be waiting for you on the platform of the railway station.

    During breakfast in the cafe (buffet), we get to know the instructor and other tour participants better. 

    Let's get on the buses and go on an adventure! 

    There is 170 km of road ahead.

    For those who want to come by private car, there is a paid parking lot in the village of Uuksu (the end point of the route, the cost is 300 rubles / day). It is necessary to order a taxi to the starting point (for an additional fee, independently).

    We have arrived at the camp! 

    We have lunch in the field and prepare our equipment for going out to the river. 

    After a detailed briefing, we take seats on catamarans and rafts and go out on the water. 

    Catamaran rafting on the Uksa River: por. Bridge (2-3 k.s.) – por. Stairs (2 rooms) – por. Kolokoski – pore. Saucer (3 k.s.), 12 km. 

    A motor is used in calm sections of the river.

    The name of the Uksunjoki River is of Finno-Ugric origin. 

    In the forms of Moustache, Uksa is repeatedly found in the hydronymy of the North of the European part of Russia and presumably means "tributary". The vinegar is thick and therefore popular among water tourists. The main obstacles are in the lower reaches. They belong to 3-4 categories of difficulty.

    After a long and eventful day, we recuperate with dinner and go to the tents. 

    It's time to rest! 

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  • Day 2 - Por. Saucer – por. Salmon – pore. Sirnitsankoski – por. Mill
  • Day 3 - A day on the threshold of Sirnitsankoski
  • Day 4 - por. Mill – por. Canyon – port. Khramina – shivera Likhaya – P. Uuksa
Does not require special skills, but tourists must be physically fit: expeditions, long rafting, etc.
Tour organizer's comments

On a tour along the Uksa River, you need a fairly high physical fitness, because controlling a catamaran requires the work of each participant, the thresholds are difficult and everyone takes a lot of physical strength.


  • Tent
    3 nights
  • Basic

Throughout the tour, overnight stays in 3-seater tourist tents, check—in in tents for 3 people. Each participant is given an individual thermal insulation mat.

It is possible to stay in a 2-bed tent for an additional fee — 1,500 rubles/tour.
Please inform us about the need for a 2-bed tent when booking the tour.

The cost of the tour is for 1 person, depending on the choice of swimming pools. funds, rubles:

Rafting on a 2-seater catamaran2 participants, without an instructor17 500
Rafting on a 6-seater catamaran5 participants with an instructor19 700
Rafting on a 4-seater catamaran4 participants without an instructor19 700
Rafting on a 4-seater catamaran3 participants with an instructor26 900

Applications for participation in the tour on a 2-4-seater catamaran are accepted only from ready-made crews.

The discount for participants arriving by car to the starting point is 1,500 rubles/person.

Tent camp 3 nights

Tour conditions

up to 17 tourists
Minimum age
16 years old
4 days 3 nights
Group meets at

Included in price

  • transportation services according to the program;
  • meals according to the program;
  • the work of instructors;
  • rental of rafting equipment: catamarans, rafts, oars, helmets, life jackets, sealed packages;
  • rental of camp equipment: campfire equipment, tents, thermal insulation mats;
  • the sauna is at the end of the route.

Paid extra

  • air and railway tickets to Petrozavodsk and back;
  • sleeping bag (comfort temperature +6°, extreme 0°) — 700 rubles/tour, paid when booking the tour;
  • insurance of medical and other unforeseen expenses — from 100 rubles/person/day;
  • accommodation in a double tent — 1,500 rubles/tour;
  • neoprene suit (to be paid at the time of booking the tour) — 2,700 rubles/tour;
  • personal expenses.

It's important to know

Personal equipment you need for the tour

Take with you:

  • a backpack without a machine or a travel bag;
  • sleeping bag (if you do not have a personal one, you can rent it from the company, payment is made when booking a trip).

The form of clothing during the rafting:

  • socks should be on your feet (not thin cotton, tighter). Shoes that you don't mind getting wet (sneakers are perfect). If you have neoprene socks or neoprene boots, it is welcome;
  • rubber boots are prohibited, because when they get into the water, they pull the participant down.
  • as outerwear: comfortable sportswear for the weather or a neoprene suit (if available). It is desirable that the clothes be quick-drying. We recommend not to take jeans, any sweatpants will do instead;
  • Recommended: put on a light Bolognese suit (protection from wind and moisture). Raincoats made of dense materials can be used;
  • you can take thin cotton gloves or neoprene gloves (optional) on your hands.
  • there will be a helmet on your head, you can put a bandana under it;
  • you can take a camera, there will be sealed packages on the rafts, in which it can be hidden at the moment of passing the threshold;
  • if you wear glasses, try to come up with a chain for them (so as not to lose them) or put on lenses for the duration of the alloy.

A set of clothes for changing clothes after rafting:

  • a set of dry comfortable outerwear;
  • dry comfortable shoes and socks;
  • beanie/bandana/buff;
  • a set of spare underwear.

Clothing for sleeping in a tent:

  • warm loose clothing (if available, thermal underwear);
  • warm socks (woolen ones are possible) and a thin hat (nights can be cool);
  • for the evening, a fleece jacket / sweatshirt / jacket.

For a trip to the tourist bath:

  • individual towel;
  • swimsuit (boys / girls go to the bathhouse all together, groups of 8-10 people);
  • slates/sandals for sports.

Shoes (comfortable, without heels):

  • one for rafting on the river;
  • the second one is for the camp (you can take rubber boots if it rains according to the forecast);
  • The third one is "urban". 

Personal items:

  • knee pads (when rafting on a catamaran) – not necessary;
  • repellents (mosquitoes, midges);
  • flashlight with a set of spare batteries;
  • sunglasses and sunscreen and after sunburn, if it is sunny according to the forecast;
  • personal hygiene products (including toilet paper);
  • individual first aid kit;
  • small polyurethane seat mat;
  • portable charger;
  • personal utensils (mug, deep bowl, spoon).

Documents and money in an airtight package:

  • passport;
  • medical insurance policy (photocopy is available);
  • We recommend that you always have a small amount of cash with you so that, if desired, you can quickly buy the necessary things at stops along the route.
Will there be a mobile connection on the route?
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What kind of rafting equipment is provided?
What kind of camp equipment is provided?
Are plane tickets included in the price of the tour?
Is insurance included in the price of the tour?
Can I take my personal gear with me?
How to protect yourself from a tick bite?
What is a ready-made crew?
Is it possible to take a dog with you?
Are there any possible changes in the program?

Dates and Prices

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