Getting to know Karelia. A week-long rafting on the Shuya River

The Shuya River is ideal for the first acquaintance with Karelia. An exciting, full of impressions rafting along the most popular Karelian river awaits you, in which the complexity of the rapids increases gradually, which is convenient for beginners and family holidays. 

Dynamic rapids combine harmoniously with beautiful lakes, and the culmination of a water hike will be a ride on the famous threshold of the Big Tolly. New reliable motor boats allow you to enjoy traveling on the lakes, and a light inflatable kayak will fully satisfy fans of sports rafting when riding on the Shuisky rapids. 

With a group request of 6 people or more, it is possible to organize a tour in individual terms.


US$ 258
+ tickets to the starting point of the tour
No need to pay now
7 Days
6 Nights
  • Group departures
    • 26 Jul – 1 Aug
    • 2 – 8 Aug
    • 9 – 15 Aug
    • 16 – 22 Aug
  • Tent
    6 nights
  • Basic
Low physical intensity for amateurs and non-experienced travelers
Up to 16 people
Minimum age
5 years old
Group meet at
Contact the tour coordinator
Weekdays: 8am - 8pm
Weekends: 8am - 7pm (GMT +3)
Or text us in messengers

Tour highlights

The amazing nature of Karelia
Let's admire the landscapes around us, sunbathe and listen to the sounds of nature
A break from the hustle and bustle of the city
We will feel unity with nature, happiness from being surrounded by the fascinating landscapes of Karelia
Complete relaxation
After a fun camping day, we will relax in a hot tourist bathhouse
Active leisure
We relax, play active games, fish, swim and enjoy the views
Shotozero Lake
We will pass a beautiful lake with sandy shores by motor


  • Day 1 - The beginning of the alloy: por. Sizovsky — por. Doggy

    We will meet on the platform at the entrance to the building of the Petrozavodsk railway station.

    We are met by instructors (according to the arrival time of train No. 18 Moscow — Petrozavodsk).

    To get ready for a great adventure right away, we go to a restaurant for breakfast

    Breakfast will be to the taste of any traveler — a buffet is at your service. 

    We get acquainted with the accompanying person and other members of the group, share our first impressions of Karelia.

    Our adventure begins! We take buses to the starting point of the rafting — Hautovaar (125 km).

    After a long journey and before an intensive rafting trip, you need to refresh yourself. During a delicious lunch, the instructors will introduce you to general information about the upcoming route, answer all your questions.

    After lunch on the shore, we begin to prepare for going out to the river: we inflate rafts, instructors conduct mandatory instruction on water safety and rowing techniques

    We get helmets, life jackets and paddles, and pack all personal and general items in waterproof bags.

    We launch our vessels into the water, and already in practice we consolidate the theory — training sessions on the water.

    Today's route: por. Sizovsky (3 K.S.) — por. Doggy (2 k.s.), only about 13 km.

    Sizovsky Threshold is a great place to train. 

    We learn to analyze thresholds: we study the structure, the components. 

    We train to go on the shaft and into the barrel (its availability will depend on the water level) and work out mutual insurance.

    After a couple of kilometers we pass the threshold of the Dog (it is also an Island).

    Having rolled enough, we set up camp on the shore, participate in cooking dinner and go to rest. 

    A busy day awaits us tomorrow!

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  • Day 2 - Por. Doggy — por. Kenyakoski — por. Valoyne — por. Sarikoski — por. Kumio
  • Day 3 - A day on the threshold of Kumio
  • Day 4 - Por. Kumio — D. Sodder Lake. Shotozero
  • Day 5 - From Lake Shotozero to the Svyatreka River
  • Day 6 - Riding on the threshold of the Big Tolly
  • Day 7 - Skating on the threshold of the Big Tolly and the shungite Room
Low physical intensity for amateurs and non-experienced travelers


  • Tent
    6 nights
  • Basic

Throughout the tour, overnight stays in 3-seater tourist tents, check—in in tents for 3 people. 

Please inform us about the need for a 2-bed tent when booking a tour.

The cost of the tour:

Rafting8 participants + instructor22,500 rubles/person.

Conditions for children:

  • discount for children from 8 to 12 years old — 15%;
  • the cost of the tour for children from 5 to 7 years old is 6,000 rubles. 
Tent 6 nights

The tour includes accommodation in a tent.

Tour conditions

up to 16 tourists
Minimum age
5 years old
7 days 6 nights
Group meets at

Included in price

  • transportation services according to the program;
  • meals according to the program;
  • the work of instructors;
  • rental of rafting equipment: rafts, oars, helmets, life jackets, sealed packages, motor + fuel;
  • rental of camp equipment: campfire equipment, tents (3-seater), thermal insulation mats.

Paid extra

  • air and railway tickets to Petrozavodsk and back;
  • sleeping bag (comfort temperature +6°, extreme 0°, payable when booking a tour) — 700 rubles/tour.;
  • accommodation in a double tent — 1,500 rubles/tour;
  • rent of a neoprene suit — 3,300 rubles/piece/tour;
  • insurance of medical and other unforeseen expenses — from 100 rubles/person/day.

It's important to know

Personal equipment you need for the tour

1. A backpack without a machine or a travel bag.

2. Sleeping bag (if there is no personal one, you can rent it from the company, payment is made when booking a trip).

3. A set of clothes for changing clothes after rafting:

  • a set of dry comfortable outerwear;
  • dry comfortable shoes and socks;
  • beanie/bandana/buff;
  • a set of spare underwear.

4. Clothes for sleeping in a tent:

  • warm loose clothing (if available, thermal underwear);
  • warm socks (woolen ones are possible) and a thin hat (nights can be cool);
  • for the evening, a fleece jacket / sweatshirt / jacket.

5. For a trip to the tourist bath:

  • individual towel;
  • swimsuit (boys / girls go to the bathhouse all together, groups of 8-10 people);
  • slates/sandals are sporty.

6. Comfortable shoes without heels, 3 pairs:

  • one for rafting on the river;
  • the second one is for the camp (you can take rubber boots if it rains according to the forecast);
  • The third one is "urban".

7. Personal items:

  • knee pads (when rafting on a catamaran) – not necessary;
  • repellents (mosquitoes, midges);
  • flashlight with a set of spare batteries;
  • sunglasses and sunscreen and after sunburn, if it is sunny according to the forecast;
  • personal hygiene products (including toilet paper);
  • individual first aid kit;
  • small polyurethane seat mat;
  • portable charger;
  •  personal tableware (mug, deep bowl, spoon).

8. Documents – passport, medical insurance policy (photocopy is possible) in an airtight package.

9. Money.
We recommend that you always have a small amount of cash with you so that, if desired, you can quickly buy the necessary things at stops along the route.

10. You can take a camera, there will be sealed packages on the rafts, in which it can be hidden at the moment of passing the threshold.

Is it possible to choose a different date?
What are the requirements for physical fitness and age of the tour participants?
How is safety ensured on the route?
Will there be a mobile connection on the route?
How are meals organized on the route?
What are the recommendations for choosing clothes and shoes for rafting?
What kind of rafting equipment is provided?
What kind of camp equipment is provided?
Is it possible to recharge your phone somewhere during the tour?
What are the rules of behavior on the water?
How can I prepare for the tour?
How to protect yourself from a tick bite?
Is insurance included in the price of the tour?
Are plane tickets included in the price of the tour?
Is it possible to take my personal equipment on the tour?
Are there any possible changes in the program?

Dates and Prices

  • Individual dates available on request
    20 Apr – 15 Sep
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  • US$ 258
    26 Jul – 1 Aug 7 days 6 nights
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  • US$ 258
    2 – 8 Aug 7 days 6 nights
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  • US$ 258
    9 – 15 Aug 7 days 6 nights
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  • US$ 258
    16 – 22 Aug 7 days 6 nights
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