Popular Karelia. Jeep Tour

We invite you to an exciting jeep tour in Karelia. 

During a short trip, you will visit such amazing places as Mount Sampo or Vottovaara. You will see an ancient volcano, ancient villages, the Ladoga coast, the purest reservoirs and other unique and noteworthy places. 

You will have a jeep with an experienced guide driver at your disposal, so you can easily enjoy your adventure in Karelia!

The tour is held on request for groups of 2 people from June 1 to October 1.


US$ 927
+ tickets to the starting point of the tour
No need to pay now
6 Days
5 Nights
  • Group departures
    • 29 May – 3 Jun, 2025
  • Hotel
    5 nights
  • Midscale
Low physical intensity for amateurs and non-experienced travelers
Up to 10 people
Minimum age
6 years old
Group meet at
Contact the tour coordinator
Weekdays: 8am - 8pm
Weekends: 8am - 7pm (GMT +3)
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Tour highlights

Jeep Adventure
You will feel a surge of adrenaline from overcoming the Karelian off-road and unity with nature
The Spirit of Karelia
You will see the ancient churches and chapels of the unique culture of the Russian North
Delight and inspiration
Take a trip to the most important places of Karelia with stops and snacks in the most picturesque places


  • Day 1 - Petrozavodsk — "old Murmansk highway" — "Marcial Waters" — Kivach Nature Reserve — stone Port-Threshold on the Suna River — forest hotel

    09:00 Meeting at the Petrozavodsk train station, accommodation by jeep. 

    Breakfast in the cafe. 

    A short sightseeing tour of the city, a walk along the Onega embankment.

    10:00 Departure from Petrozavodsk along the "old Murmansk highway" — the historical path along which Peter the Great passed.

    Stop in the village of Tsarevichi at the chapel.

    A short stop and a hike up Sampo Mountain (to the top is only a couple of minutes walk).

    Sampo is a famous mountain from the Kalevala runes, but this mountain owes its name to the Soviet-Finnish film "Sampo", which was filmed in these places in the 1960s based on the Karelo-Finnish epic "Kalevala".

     The mountain offers a magnificent panorama of the forests and islands of Lake Conchesero.

    We continue to move along the route.

    11:00 Visit to the first Russian resort "Marcial Waters" (founded by Peter I in 1719).

    Tasting water from three underground springs, visiting the museum and Peter's Church (1721).

    We continue driving along the highway to the Kivach Nature Reserve.

    On the way, we will visit the Church of the Holy Trinity (Church of the Holy Trinity) in the village of Konchesero.

    A brick single-domed church with a bell tower, built with charitable donations from the Konchesersk Mining Plant.

    13:00 Visit to the Kivach Nature Reserve and visit the famous Kivach waterfall.

    15:00 Rest and picnic in a pine forest, on the shore of Lake Palaeozero (picnic can be replaced with lunch in a cafe — according to the weather).

    We light a barbecue and cook a barbecue on coals. 

    The aroma of fried meat and the crackling of coals further excites the appetite. 

    And now a steaming barbecue, fresh vegetables, cheese, and bread appear on the table.

    At the end of the picnic — hot tea or coffee with gingerbread.

    After eating and resting, we continue along the route.

    Travel along the runway of the airfield, hidden in the taiga.

    We inspect the stone Porridge on the Suna River.

    At the end of the route, we will drive up to the old, but still operating Girvasskaya HPP (Paleozerskaya HPP), built on a rock of volcanic origin.

    It was thanks to the dam of the hydroelectric power station, which drained the riverbed of the Suna River, that the oldest volcano, Girvas (3 billion years old), was discovered.

    Exit to the M-18 Cola highway.

    20:00 Arrival at the forest hotel, located on the shore of the Povenetsky Bay of Lake Onega. 

    Accommodation in comfortable rooms or a cottage. 

    Dinner at the hotel restaurant. 

    A sauna is optional (for an additional fee).

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  • Day 2 - Medvezhegorsk — Zaonezhye — O. Kizhi
  • Day 3 - Hiking to the top of Mount Vottovaara
  • Day 4 - Lake Ladoga
  • Day 5 - Valaam Island, Ruskeala Mountain Park
  • Day 6 - Waterfall "White Bridges" — Kolatselga village — Petrozavodsk
Low physical intensity for amateurs and non-experienced travelers


  • Hotel
    5 nights
  • Midscale

The tour provides accommodation in hotels and guest houses along the route.

The tour is available on request from 2 people.

The cost of the tour for 1 person, depending on the number of seats in the car, RUB.:

When boarding 3 participants in the car + instructor98 000
When boarding, 2 participants in the car + an instructor125 000

The accommodation is indicated approximately and depends on the date of the tour and the availability of available places in hotels. You can check the exact location with the manager when booking.

Forest Hotel 2 nights

The Forest Hotel is located on the shore of the Povenetsky Bay of Lake Onega. 

Accommodation in comfortable rooms or a cottage.

A hotel near the Votovaara mountain 1 night
Forest Hotel 2 nights

Tour conditions

up to 10 tourists
Minimum age
6 years old
6 days 5 nights
Group meets at

Included in price

  • SUVs (car, fuel, driver-guide in each car);
  • accommodation in hotels and guest houses according to the program;
  • groceries (catering throughout the route);
  • individual certificates and souvenirs for each participant;
  • water transport, entrance fees, excursions.

Paid extra

  • air and railway tickets to Petrozavodsk and back;
  • Karelian souvenirs made of stone, birch bark, wood, national drinks, preparations of Karelian mushrooms and berries;
  • insurance of medical and other unforeseen expenses.

It's important to know

Personal equipment you need for the tour

1. Backpack.
All personal items must be carefully packed in a travel backpack. Bags or suitcases will not work, they will be very inconvenient to carry and put in jeeps.

2. Trekking waterproof boots (preferably high — above the bone) or high leather boots.
If there are none, you can take rubber boots, but it can be uncomfortable to be in boots all day.

3. Sneakers — you can wear them in camps.
Most of the time you will be wearing shoes on the route, sneakers.

4. Outerwear:

  • a tourist waterproof jacket (or windbreaker), with a hood. The jacket should have cuffs on the sleeves, cover the lower back well and be tightly zipped;
  • trousers are better than waterproof travel trousers, but jeans or any durable trousers that are comfortable for you will also work well;
  • a sports down jacket is for night gatherings around the campfire. Optional, but it must be very tightly folded and packed so that it does not take up much space;
  • a hat or cap without nets and holes, if you do not want to wear a hood.

5. Undergarments:

  • a sweater (sweatshirt) or a pair of thick T-shirts (shirts) with long sleeves;
  • a pair of warm socks and thin socks for every day;
  • lightweight sports cotton pants and a lightweight cotton T—shirt - as nightwear;
  • underwear;
  • swimming trunks, if you want to swim.

6. Personal hygiene products and anti-mosquito products.

  • towel, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and more;
  • insect repellents — mosquitoes, horseflies, midges. We recommend using Gardex aerosol products for application to exposed areas of the body.

7. Documents: passport, driver's license (if available).
It is better to pack the documents in a plastic bag or a special sealed case and store them in a backpack pocket during a jeep tour. We recommend making a couple of copies of photocopies of the first pages of the passport.

8. Money.
We recommend that you always have a small amount of cash with you so that, if desired, you can quickly buy drinks or sweets in the village shops on the jeep tour route.

9. Personal items.
We recommend taking sunglasses, a small flashlight, a small penknife, a lighter, handkerchiefs, a small personal first aid kit, a cell phone, and a wristwatch.

10. You can take a camera, a video camera.

What are the safety rules for jeep tours?
Do you take out accident insurance?
Are plane tickets included in the price of the tour?
What kind of jeeps are used?
Are there any possible changes in the program?

Dates and Prices

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  • Individual dates available on request
    1 Jun – 1 Oct
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  • from US$ 927
    29 May – 3 Jun, 2025 6 days 5 nights
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