The beauty of the Krasnoyarsk Territory

We invite you to take a trip to the Krasnoyarsk Territory – the land of taiga forests, towering mountain peaks and great Siberian rivers. This tour is like a secret door to the world of nature of incredible beauty, which we will contemplate throughout our route.

The journey begins in the capital of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the ancient city on the Yenisei – Krasnoyarsk. Here you will see wonderful mountains, stone rocks of bizarre shape rising above the green taiga, a mighty river, Krasnoyarsk Pillars.

Next, the path leads us to the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory – to the city of Yeniseisk, which is often called the father of Siberian cities. A boat trip along the Yenisei awaits us, a trip to the kingdom of hundreds of rocks and thousands of stones lost in the Eastern Sayans.

This tour is held only in July, as the holiday "Siberian Seto Day" takes place on these dates. We visit the village of Haidak, the only compact settlement of Seto Estonians in the world, who have preserved the culture and language of this people. 


US$ 1 545
+ tickets to the starting point of the tour
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11 Days
10 Nights
  • Group departures
    • 7 – 17 Jul
  • Cabin on the boat
    1 night
  • Hotel
    6 nights
  • Camp Site
    3 nights
  • Basic+
  • Midscale
For any person
Up to 20 people
Minimum age
7 years old
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Tour highlights

Colorful cuisine
Lunch is waiting for us-tasting of the national dishes of the Siberian people
Krasnoyarsk Pillars
Let's admire the beauty of the picturesque syenite rocks
Krasnoyarsk Hydroelectric power station
We will go to the observation deck of the Krasnoyarsk HPP – the first HPP on the Yenisei River
Ethnic immersion
We will visit the village of Khaidak – the Siberian center of the "land of Setu", where the original elements of culture, language, folklore of the Siberian Setu have been preserved
"Open-air Museum"
We will see Yeniseisk with urban development, which includes 94 architectural monuments
Yenisei River Cruise
We will pass by a large transshipment pier and the village of Strelka, standing at the confluence of two large Siberian rivers – the Yenisei and the Angara


  • Day 1 - Sightseeing tour of the city of Krasnoyarsk. Excursion to the observation deck of the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station

    Independent arrival in the city of Krasnoyarsk.

    09:30 Gathering of the group in the lobby of the Krasnoyarsk hotel (address: 94 Uritskogo str.).

    Bus and pedestrian sightseeing tour of the city of Krasnoyarsk – the largest industrial and cultural center of Eastern Siberia, the capital of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The city is located in the very center of Russia on the interfluve of the small river Kachi and the great Yenisei. 

    Founded in 1628 by Cossacks under the command of voivode Andrei Dubensky, the prison was originally called "Krasny Yar". Krasnoyarsk received the status of a city in 1690, and in 1822 it became the center of the Yenisei province. Krasnoyarsk has picturesque views, it is surrounded by mountains, Siberian taiga and rivers. 


    Double accommodation in the Krasnoyarsk hotel. 

    Excursion to the observation deck of the Krasnoyarsk HPP the first HPP on the Yenisei River, located 40 km away. from Krasnoyarsk. It was built in 1972 and ranks seventh in the world and second in Russia after Sayano-Shushenskaya in terms of installed capacity (6,000 MW). The road to the hydroelectric power plant stretches along the taiga forest. 

    On the way back, stop at the embankment of the city of Divnogorsk.

    Divnogorsk, like Krasnoyarsk, is located on the Yenisei. It got its name from the Marvelous mountains located on the opposite, left bank of the river. Divnogorsk is considered one of the cleanest and most beautiful cities in Siberia. 

    Return to the hotel. 

    Dinner at the Krasnoyarsk Hotel.

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  • Day 2 - Yeniseisk. Excursion to the private Plane Museum
  • Day 3 - Yeniseisk – open-air museum
  • Day 4 - Yenisei Cruise
  • Day 5 - Passage of the Cossack threshold 
  • Day 6 - Excursion to the Krasnoyarsk Pillars National Park
  • Day 7 - Haidak Village
  • Day 8 - Kuturchinsky Belogorie
  • Day 9 - Excursion to the keys of Taltsy
  • Day 10 - Minsk Loop
  • Day 11 - Departure
For any person


  • Cabin on the boat
    1 night
  • Hotel
    6 nights
  • Camp Site
    3 nights
  • Basic+
  • Midscale

The tour provides double accommodation in comfortable rooms in the hotels "Krasnoyarsk" (Krasnoyarsk), "Yeniseiskaya" (Yeniseisk), two-three-four-bed accommodation at the tourist base in Kuturchinsky Belogorie and on the ship in double cabins of the I class.

The cost of the tour per person: 137 000 rubles.

Surcharge for single occupancy:

  • The surcharge for single accommodation in the Krasnoyarsk hotel (4 nights) is 5,400 rubles/person.
  • Surcharge for a room with amenities in Yeniseisk (2 nights) – 4,000 rubles/person.
The motor ship "V. Chkalov" 1 night

The motor ship "V. Chkalov" is a three-deck motor ship, was built in Germany. 

Accommodation in double cabins of the first class. 

The cabins have a washbasin with hot and cold water, a soft sofa, and a wardrobe. Showers and toilet cabins are located on the decks. At your service: restaurant, restaurant-bar (open in the evening), reading room, music room, buffet, ironing room.

I class, upper deck (15 cabins) – single cabins. 
I class, middle deck (25 cabins) – double cabins.

For an additional fee: 

The Suite cabin is a 2-room cabin located on the upper deck.
In the cabin: 2-double bed, table, sofa, refrigerator, TV, bathroom with toilet, shower and washbasin, observation windows.

Krasnoyarsk Hotel   4 nights
The Yeniseiskaya Hotel 2 nights
Tourist base in the Kuturchinsky Belogorie 3 nights

Tour conditions

up to 20 tourists
Minimum age
7 years old
11 days 10 nights
Group meets at

Included in price

  • river ticket for a scheduled passenger ship; 
  • transfers according to the program; 
  • double accommodation in hotels "Krasnoyarsk" (Krasnoyarsk), "Yeniseiskaya" (Yeniseisk), two-three-four-bed accommodation at a tourist base in Kuturchinsky Belogorie; 
  • meals according to the program; 
  • excursions; 
  • entrance tickets to museums;
  • cultural program; 
  • hiking;
  • accompanied by a guide and a huntsman according to the program.

Paid extra

  • air and railway tickets to Krasnoyarsk and back;
  • transfer from the airport to the Krasnoyarsk hotel and back to the airport;
  • meals not specified in the program;
  • the surcharge for single accommodation in the Krasnoyarsk hotel (4 nights) is 5400 rubles/person.;
  • surcharge for a room with amenities in Yeniseisk (2 nights) – 4000 rubles/person.;
  • personal expenses;
  • accident insurance (issued independently if necessary).

It's important to know

Personal equipment you need for the tour

In order to make it always convenient for you during your trip, we advise you to take with you on the road:

  • comfortable, non-wrinkled clothes;
  • a few warm clothes, it can be cool at night by the water (windbreaker, thin hat);
  • comfortable sports shoes;
  • a raincoat or a waterproof jacket in case of rain, an umbrella may not always save you;
  • be sure to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, a cap or a panama hat - the sun on the Yenisei is very bright due to the purity of the atmosphere;
  • while walking on the boat, it is interesting to look at the shore with binoculars;
  • We advise you to take video and photographic equipment with you
  • Your usual medications for headaches, stomach, etc., as well as specific medications, will not be superfluous;
  • personal hygiene products;
  • towel;
  • repellents.
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Dates and Prices

  • US$ 1 545
    7 – 17 Jul 11 days 10 nights
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US$ 1 545
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