Shamanic New Year's tour in the Arctic

Celebrate the New Year in the most incredible glamping in the Arctic!

In this exclusive tour, you will ride snowmobiles through the snowy tundra of the Kola Peninsula, go fishing in the open sea, relax in the cedar bath, after which you can swim directly in the Barents Sea, and the highlight of the tour will be an entertainment program with professional presenters, northern seafood, DJ set and fireworks.

Spend the New Year holidays in sphere tents at the very edge of the world, surrounded by the fantastic beauty of wild nature, with Sami shamans and with premium service.


US$ 2 230
+ tickets to the starting point of the tour
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5 Days
4 Nights
  • Group departures
    • 30 Dec, 2024 – 3 Jan, 2025
  • Hotel
    4 nights
  • Premium
For any person
Up to 26 people
Minimum age
6 years old
Group meet at
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Weekdays: 8am - 8pm
Weekends: 8am - 7pm (GMT +3)
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Tour highlights

Fishing in the open sea
Go out to sea on an authentic fishing boat, where you can catch the freshest sea fish
New Year's Eve at the edge of the world
A rich entertainment program, fresh seafood delicacies and stunning New Year's fireworks
Snow Safari
You will go on snowmobiles to conquer the Sredny and Rybachy peninsulas – you will pass at the very edge of the ice-free Barents Sea and breathe in the fresh salty air
Bath relaxation
Take a leisurely steam bath in the baths and barrels of furako overlooking the endless Barents Sea
Sami Shamans
Visit shaman workshops and learn first-hand about the history of Sami shamanism, the meaning of their rituals and the peculiarities of musical technique
Arctic dome glamping
You will live in unique ecospheres with panoramic views of the sea and the starry sky


  • Day 1 - Meeting in Murmansk. Transfer to glamping through the snowy tundra

    The arrival must be scheduled before 12-13 p.m.

    We meet at the airport and drive comfortable Toyota Land Cruiser SUVs along the Cola highway to the turnoff to the Sredny and Rybachy peninsulas on Titovka.

    We turn off at Titovka into the Tundra and drive through the snowy Tundra for two hours.

    There are no settlements or mobile communication towers for tens of kilometers around.

    After check-in and a welcome afternoon tea, we recommend that you relax (and gain strength for future adventures) in the sauna complex.

    For dinner – delicious dishes of Northern cuisine.

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  • Day 2 - Fishing in the open sea and a festive banquet
  • Day 3 - We are divided into 2 groups: snowmobile safari or master classes and relaxation. Gala dinner, entertainment program and DJ set
  • Day 4 - Snowmobile safari and relaxation
  • Day 5 - Completion of the program
For any person


  • Hotel
    4 nights
  • Premium

The tour provides accommodation in a unique glamping on the shores of the Barents Sea on the Kola Peninsula.

The cost of the tour for 1 person / rub.:

Room/number of people123
Standart (27 m2)300 000400 000600 000
Suite (37 m2)400 000500 000700 000
Glamping on the shore of the Barents Sea 4 nights

The 4* Arctic Hotel consists of 26 domed tents. Each room has a comfortable bed, designer furniture, shower and toilet, a seating area and a view of the Barents Sea.

There is a glampcenter on site where you will have breakfast and dinner. But it is open at any time of the day – for new acquaintances, exchange of impressions and board games under the crackle of firewood in the fireplace. There are also baths: each bathhouse can accommodate up to 5 people. It has the same view of the Barents Sea as from the ecosphere and the glampcenter. And the barrels are located right on the shore: we fill them with seawater and heat them to 43 °C. Steaming in a bath or a barrel, you will definitely want to take a run into the sea: here it does not freeze even in winter.

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Tour conditions

up to 26 tourists
Minimum age
6 years old
5 days 4 nights
Group meets at

Included in price

  • accommodation in the eco-sphere of the selected category;
  • meals – full board (alcohol only for two dinners);
  • performance by the cover band Hotel Ritz;
  • DJ and New Year's dances;
  • shamanic show and contests with Sami shamans;
  • professional presenters (young man and girl);
  • polar fireworks;
  • activities according to the tour program;
  • visit to the sauna complex;
  • services of experienced guides, guides and instructors;
  • rental of protective equipment (if required in the activity);
  • all transfers along the route (Toyota Land Cruiser SUVs or analogues).

Paid extra

  • air and railway tickets to Murmansk and back;
  • helicopter transfer (optional);
  • bar services;
  • additional services;
  • souvenirs.

It's important to know

Personal equipment you need for the tour
Required equipment:
  1. High trekking boots or winter boots. This is the main protection of your feet from injury when traveling over rough terrain, climbing mountains on rocky slopes and steep descents. Correctly chosen shoes are the key to comfort on the route. It is best to take worn shoes on the tour, otherwise we strongly recommend that you stock up on a patch.
  2. A warm winter jacket with a membrane. During the day and in the evenings, the temperature at the base can drop below 0.
  3. An extra comfortable pair of shoes. In the evening, after an active day, the legs should rest, and the trekking boots should dry.
  4. Waterproof trousers and a jacket made of membrane. During the active part of the tour, exclude denim, it dries for a long time and is not practical.
  5. A jacket (fleece, Polartec, a sweater is possible). When choosing a jacket, it is important to take into account the thermal qualities, as well as the properties of drying quickly.
  6. Two sets of thermal underwear or an analog (cotton is not suitable). The second set is necessary if the first one is wet and has not had time to dry.
  7. Fleece gloves.
  8. Socks for tracking 2-3 pairs, 1-2 pairs of simple socks, 1 pair of warm ones (exclude cotton as much as possible). Spare socks are needed not only in case of contamination, but also in case of getting wet feet.
  9. T-shirt 2-3 pieces. Synthetic T-shirts dry faster.
  10. Lingerie. Linen should not be rubbed.
  11. Winter hat, buff, cap. The weather is changing rapidly on the shores of the Barents Sea, today the sun is hot, and in the morning there is a cold wind with snow.
  12. Personal hygiene products.
  13. Personal first aid kit. We recommend taking individual medications yourself.
  14. A small backpack of no more than 35 liters, for carrying personal belongings during radial exits.
  15. Thermos 0.5 l.
  16. Slates for showers and baths.
  17. Bathing accessories.

Recommended equipment:

  1. Tracking sticks.
  2. An airtight phone bag.
  3. Shoe covers (flashlights) on shoes to protect against small stones getting into the shoe.
  4. A headlamp.
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Dates and Prices

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  • from US$ 2 230
    30 Dec, 2024 – 3 Jan, 2025 5 days 4 nights
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US$ 2 230
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