Winter Lena Pillars

We invite you to the most popular route in Yakutia — a tour to the winter Lena Pillars! You will visit caves and grottoes on the left bank of the Lena River and see rock paintings — writings of ancient people.


Russia, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Yakutsk
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  • Group departures
    • 2 Jan, 2025
    • 23 Feb, 2025
    • 8 Mar, 2025
  • Basic
For any person
Up to 20 people
Minimum age
5 years old
Group meet at
Russia, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Yakutsk
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Tour highlights

Lena Pillars
During the tour we will see an amazing natural phenomenon in winter attire
Rock art
Let's touch the drawings of ancient people, each of which has its own special meaning
Winter Yakutia
Let's breathe in the winter frosty air of one of the regions of the Far North


  • Day 1 - The rock carvings of Emegatteh. Excursion on Lena Pillars. Peter's Writings

    08:00 Departure to Lena Pillars.

    Collection at the bus station (car Parking behind the shop "Artist's Shop"), Oktyabrskaya Street, 24b.

    Transportation: Toyota-Hayes minibus or PAZ bus, depending on the number of tourists.

    On the way, we stop at the rock paintings of Emegatteh.

    The cave paintings are located on the left bank of the Lena River. These are the writings of people who lived here in the Bronze Age.

    12:30 Arrival at the Batamai campsite. 

    Lunch at the campsite cafe (not included in the tour price, pre-order lunch).

    The cafe offers an excellent panoramic view of the Lena Pillars.

    13:30 Crossing the Lena River, arrival at the Lena Pillars.

    Excursion on Lena Pillars.

    Optional: snowmobile sightseeing tour. The cost is 5,000 rubles for a group of 5 people.

    16:30 Departure to Petrovsky Pisanitsy.

    Petrovsky pisanitsy are the most famous rock paintings of the Lena River.

    18:00 The beginning of the return trip to Yakutsk.

    Arrival in Yakutsk at 22:00.

    Upon arrival in Yakutsk, the bus route: Avtodorozhnaya Street — Kulakovsky Street — Chernyshevsky Street — St. Yaroslavsky — Chiryaev Street — Dzerzhinsky Street — Lermontov Street — Bus station.

    We take nonresident tourists to the hotel.

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For any person


  • Basic

The tour is one-day, so accommodation is not provided. But for your convenience, we recommend staying at a hotel in Yakutsk on your own the night before and after the tour.

Tour conditions

up to 20 tourists
Minimum age
5 years old
1 day
Group meets at
Russia, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Yakutsk

Included in price

  • all group transfers;
  • meeting at the airport on the day of the tour start;
  • visit to the Lena Pillars Nature Park;
  • guide services;
  • insurance.

Paid extra

  • flights to Yakutsk and back;
  • meeting and transfer to the hotel, if the tourist arrives not on the day of the start of the tour;
  • transfer from the hotel to the airport;
  • meals at roadside cafes during the transfer to the starting point of the hike;
  • meals in cafes and restaurants in Yakutsk;
  • snowmobile sightseeing tour — 5,000 rubles for a group of 5 people.

It's important to know

Personal equipment you need for the tour

Recommendations on clothing, shoes, and equipment for winter tours in the cold season.

Since Yakutia is the coldest region of the northern hemisphere of our planet, clothes and shoes should be suitable for very low temperatures.

In the winter months, when going on long-distance tours, you always need to be prepared for air temperatures of -50...-60 °C, even if you see the temperature much higher according to the weather forecast.

  • down jacket. The main requirement when choosing is the conformity of clothes to the temperature regime (in the mode of no movement or small movement);
  • a warm sports hat, so that you can put a hood over it;
  • gloves and warm down mittens or made of natural fur;
  • balaclava made of dense material;
  • warm shoes made of genuine leather with natural wool as insulation. Recommended insoles are felt or insoles with wool fillers. If it is inconvenient to be in them during the transfer, then these shoes or felt boots must be in stock;
  • a warm sweater and a sweater (thin jacket) for moving, because in insulated cars it is not convenient and comfortable to wear a winter jacket;
  • thermos and light food for snacks on a long trip;
  • mug, spoon, knife;
  • we recommend having special tourist or hunting matches, lighters;
  • to walk in deep snow, it is necessary to have shoe covers or gaiters. They protect shoes from getting snow inside;
  • for stops, we recommend having lightweight seats made of non-freezing material.
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  • US$ 158
    2 Jan, 2025 1 day
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    23 Feb, 2025 1 day
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  • US$ 158
    8 Mar, 2025 1 day
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