Author's hiking tour to the Putorana plateau. Canyons and waterfalls

Go on a walking trip to the edge of mountains, canyons and waterfalls. From Norilsk, then by water to the confluence of the Hoisi River in Lake Lama. Then walk along the canyons of the Hoisi and Bunisyak rivers, along the way admire the northern forest and the flat peaks of the plateau, basalt rocks. You will see how the canyons begin and how the waterfalls break off in a powerful stream from the slopes.

The tour is conducted with a group of 7 people or more. Leave a request to find out how many participants there are at the moment.


the city of Norilsk
US$ 1 404
+ tickets to the starting point of the tour
No need to pay now
12 Days
11 Nights
  • Group departures
    • 9 – 20 Jul
  • Tent
    11 nights
  • Basic
Does not require special skills, but tourists must be physically fit: expeditions, long rafting, etc.
Up to 20 people
Minimum age
18 years old
Group meet at
the city of Norilsk
Contact the tour coordinator
Weekdays: 8am - 8pm
Weekends: 8am - 7pm (GMT +3)
Or text us in messengers

Tour highlights

Grand waterfalls
We will see many very different, powerful, cascading waterfalls
The real North
If desired, we will get acquainted with Norilsk, visit the Museum of the North and eat venison
A day at the lake
After a hike, we will relax on the shore of the famous Lama Lake


  • Day 1 - Water drop to Lama Lake

    9:00 Meeting in Norilsk.

    Transfer to the hydroport.

    Water drop to the beginning of the route, 165 km.

    The travel time depends on the water level in the lakes, storms and other conditions.

    We walk through the lake on the water. Shallow, Lama Lake.

    The route starts at the mouth of the Hoisi River.

    We distribute public equipment (tents, awnings, gasoline, burners, food among the participants, depending on the number of people in the group, it is approximately 9-10 kg).

  • Day 2 - Hoisi Canyon
  • Day 3 - Radial access to an unnamed waterfall
  • Day 4 - Ascent to the plateau
  • Day 5 - Radial access to the lake of Dogs
  • Day 6 - Hiking to the Giggle River
  • Day 7 - Radial exit to Elden Mountain
  • Day 8 - Walking to Bunisyak Canyon
  • Day 9 - Crossing along the Bunisyak River
  • Day 10 - Walking distance to Lama Lake
  • Day 11 - A day at Lama Lake
  • Day 12 - Completing the route
Does not require special skills, but tourists must be physically fit: expeditions, long rafting, etc.
Tour organizer's comments

Hiking route with backpacks, the weight of public equipment distributed for each participant is about 10 kg.


  • Tent
    11 nights
  • Basic

The tour includes overnight stays in tourist tents.

Tent city 11 nights

Tour conditions

up to 20 tourists
Minimum age
18 years old
12 days 11 nights
Group meets at
the city of Norilsk

Included in price

  • drop-in and drop-out on water-powered transport;
  • meals on the route;
  • guide services;
  • satellite communication in case of emergency;
  • rent of public equipment;
  • insurance including helicopter ejection.(in case of injury);
  • obtaining a permit to visit the buffer zone of the reserve for a group;
  • registration of the group in the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Paid extra

  • flight to Norilsk and back;
  • meals and accommodation in Norilsk.

It's important to know

Personal equipment you need for the tour

Equipment and accessories:

  • backpack (80 l for girls and 100 l for men);
  • polyurethane mat;
  • the seat (poper);
  • a plastic bag or a hermetic bag (inserted inside the backpack to protect against moisture);
  • sunglasses;
  • warm sleeping bag — comfort temperature range -5;
  • spoon, mug, plate, knife;
  • trekking poles;
  • raincoat;
  • rain cape on the backpack;
  • lantern;
  • matches sealed in polyethylene or plastic packaging or a lighter;
  • an individual first aid kit (with the necessary set of personal and specific medicines no more than 200 grams by weight). The instructors will have a general first-aid kit in case of injuries, and you will need to take some specific medicines with you:
    • piece bactericidal plasters 5-10 pcs.;
    • elastic bandage 1-2 pcs. or knee pads (knees often hurt because of the heavy load, and it is not possible to put 10 bandages in a group first aid kit - they are very bulky);
    • medications that you use specifically;
  • thermos or plastic bottle;
  • mosquito repellents, mosquito repellent.. 


  • thermal underwear (set, depending on the time of year);
  • trousers are light, sporty, for daily wear, depending on the time of the year;
  • jacket, fleece, etc. 1-2 pcs. (preferably made of modern materials);
  • windproof waterproof suit – jacket + trousers. Availability is mandatory (In summer — protection from wind and rain);
  • a warm jacket, ideally a small down jacket;
  • wool socks (trekking, insulated) — at least 2 pairs;
  • shoes: 
    • worn trekking boots (shoes must have good water repellent properties);
    • wading boots;
    • trekking sandals;
  • warm sports hat — 2 pcs (in summer a cap with a visor + a cap);
  • personal hygiene products (toothbrush and paste, toilet paper, etc.);
  • gloves in summer – simple 2 pairs;

The requirement for a set of "personal belongings" is nothing superfluous and heavy, since besides them you will have to carry food (about 600 grams per day per person) for the entire route and group equipment (tents, awning, burners, boilers, etc.)

There are many wetlands on the route that have to be crossed into a ford, so you must have long waders.

What documents are required for foreign citizens?
Is insurance included in the price of the tour?
Shared equipment provided, which is distributed evenly among all members of the group

Dates and Prices

  • US$ 1 404
    9 – 20 Jul 12 days 11 nights
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US$ 1 404
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