New Year in Krasnoshchelye on the Kola Peninsula

We invite you to celebrate the New Year beyond the Arctic Circle, far from noisy cities, in the village of Krasnoshchelye, where two northern peoples of the Kola Peninsula live together: the Sami and Komi. 

The village of Krasnoshchelye ("Red Shores" in the Komi language) stretches along the banks of the famous Semuzhya river Ponoy. 

It is necessary to drive 140 km through the deserted snow-covered expanses in the heart of the Kola Peninsula, which is an adventure in itself. But it's worth it, especially when the warmth of the hearth and a warm welcome awaits at the end of the journey!


US$ 1 123
+ tickets to the starting point of the tour
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5 Days
4 Nights
  • Group departures
    • 28 Dec, 2024 – 1 Jan, 2025
  • Guest House
    4 nights
  • Basic+
For any person
Up to 8 people
Minimum age
7 years old
Group meet at
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  • Day 1 - Meeting and transportation to Lovozero village

    Morning arrival by train to Olenegorsk railway station or Murmansk airport.

    Meeting and transportation to the village of Lovozero, where you will be offered a lunch of national cuisine.

    After lunch, a brief briefing, packing of luggage (hand luggage) and departure to the route in a double covered sleigh behind a snowmobile.

    On the lakes behind the village of Lovozero, we will stop near the plague of the Komi family.

    The hospitable hosts will offer us fragrant tundra tea and introduce us to fluffy reindeer.

    Then we will continue on our way.

    There will be rest stops and photo/video shooting along the way.

    The route passes through the forest and tundra, through frozen lakes and swamps.

    Upon arrival in Krasnoshchelye, accommodation in a guest house.

    Dinner of traditional Northern dishes is served in a Retro hut near the guest house.

    Meals included: lunch, dinner.

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  • Day 2 - Vazhya Olom Museum, sauna, New Year's Eve
  • Day 3 - Ice fishing, pancake gatherings
  • Day 4 - Krasnoshchelye city tour, ethnocultural center
  • Day 5 - Departure
For any person


  • Guest House
    4 nights
  • Basic+

The tour provides accommodation for 4 nights in a guest house in the village of Krasnoshchelye. 2-, 3- and 4-bed accommodation is possible.

The cost of the tour:

  • adult — 98,000 rubles/person.;
  • child under 11 years old (inclusive) — 22,500 rubles/person.
Guest house in Krasnoshchelye village 4 nights

There are three rooms in the guest house: 

  • room No. 1 — two wide beds + one bunk bed and a heated washbasin;
  • Rooms no.2 and No. 3 — two bunk beds and a washbasin each.

The heating is stove-based. Electricity is 220 watts, from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. During the holidays, the electricity is not turned off at night. Mobile communication is only a megaphone. There is no Internet connection. Outdoor toilet, washbasin with warm water in the house. Bath 2-3 times.

All rooms are carefully and lovingly equipped, the houses are clean and cozy.  

Tour conditions

up to 8 tourists
Minimum age
7 years old
5 days 4 nights
Group meets at

Included in price

  • accommodation for 4 nights in a guest house in the village of Krasnoshchelye (2-, 3- or 4-bed accommodation);
  • meals specified in the tour program;
  • transportation from Murmansk (or Olenegorsk) to the village of Lovozero and back;
  • transportation from the village of Lovozero to the village of Krasnoshchelye by sleigh behind a snowmobile and back;
  • all activities and excursions indicated in the program.

Paid extra

  • air and railway tickets to Murmansk and back;
  • meals not specified in the tour program.

It's important to know

Personal equipment you need for the tour
  • thermal underwear;
  • warm pants;
  • sweater;
  • puff;
  • a warm hat;
  • windproof mask;
  • ski goggles;
  • warm thick mittens;
  • boots or boots;
  • it is recommended to take 3-4 pairs of self-heating insoles and inserts in mittens.

You will receive additional outerwear for the move – soviki or malitsa, but your own clothes should also be very warm. In case of frosty weather, take a greasy cream with you and spread it thickly on your face before starting to move in a sleigh.

You can take a bag weighing no more than 15 kg with you. Do not take food with you, they feed you well in Krasnoshchelye. A reasonable amount of alcohol is welcome, alcohol of not the best quality is sold in Krasnoshchelye.

In case of frosty weather, take a greasy cream with you. It can be useful for fishing.

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Dates and Prices

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  • from US$ 1 123
    28 Dec, 2024 – 1 Jan, 2025 5 days 4 nights
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