Climbing Narodnaya Street. Helicopter expedition

Anyone who is looking for new sensations, places where no one has really set foot, should definitely go on this journey. 

If you are a fan of expedition and ecotourism, or just an adventurer or something new, then it's time to circle this region with a bold marker, because the Circumpolar Urals is exactly your story!

On this expedition, you will find unexplored places and the beauty of pristine nature, wild fishing and climbing the highest point of the Ural Mountains – Mount Narodnaya.


The city of Nyagan
US$ 1 684
+ tickets to the starting point of the tour
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8 Days
7 Nights
  • Group departures
    • 28 Jun – 5 Jul
    • 5 – 12 Jul
    • 19 – 26 Jul
    • 23 – 30 Aug
  • Tent
    7 nights
  • Basic
Does not require special skills, but tourists must be physically fit: expeditions, long rafting, etc.
Up to 17 people
Minimum age
15 years old
Group meet at
The city of Nyagan
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Weekdays: 8am - 8pm
Weekends: 8am - 7pm (GMT +3)
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Tour highlights

Helicopter drop
Reliable Mi-8 aircraft will take us to the place where tourists travel for several days in just 2 hours
Gastronomic delight
We will be accompanied by a chef, thanks to whom we will enjoy restaurant dishes in field conditions
Climbing the peaks
We will climb to the top of the legendary Narodnaya, and if desired, we will climb Manciner and Karpinski Peak


  • Day 1 - Flight to the base camp

    09:00 General gathering of the group at the squadron site. 

    Upon arrival at the helipad, the group is weighed, general safety instructions, rules of conduct on board during the flight, as well as safe unloading of the board at the landing site of the group. 

    Waiting for the command to load the board, as a rule, does not require a long time, but there may be delays due to morning fog (non-flying weather) in the mountains.

    Receiving the dispatchers' morning weather report at 9:00 a.m. 

    In the presence of flight weather conditions, the group waits for the pilot's command to load, the participants of the trip load on board the MI-8 T helicopter personal and general ammunition, food and other field equipment necessary to organize comfortable conditions and stay of the group for a week in the Circumpolar Urals. 

    Final preparations are being made, boarding is being carried out. 

    The flight takes place over the famous Khanty-Mansiysk marshes, the great Siberian rivers and their tributaries, which the band members can see with their own eyes throughout the flight. 

    After an hour and a half of flight, the terrain on the course will change: Mountains will grow instead of steppes and swamps.

    Instead of huge rivers with massive channels, channels, ples and old trees, small, swift mountain rivers of amazing beauty with bright turquoise water will appear.

    Flight over a distance of more than 400 km.

    Arrival. Boarding at a convenient location for the base camp is a dirt and pebble clearing on the left bank of the Naroda River, between the streams Karpin Shore and the Expedition river. 

    The disembarkation of the group and unloading of the board is carried out in the shortest possible time. 

    The participants of the trip collectively set up a stationary base camp next to the river, in a copse, where you can enjoy mountain views, listen to the river joking and the rifts making noise, watch the damp fog go to the river valleys. 

    Unloading of the helicopter is carried out through the cargo door and rear doors in accordance with the rules and safety regulations. 

    After the mobile unloading of the group, the helicopter flies away. 

    The location of the group. 

    Each participant is a part of the team and is engaged in the arrangement of a stationary base camp, the establishment of conditions for individual life, collectively, through the efforts of participants, reinforced technological tents, personal tents are installed. 

    The evening time on the day of the group's arrival in the mountains is spent setting up camp, relaxing and recovering from the flight, preparing for the upcoming trips on the routes. 

    Upon arrival of the group, the chef, the guide and the participants are busy setting up and equipping the field kitchen. 

    Reinforced closed tents are installed for the stationary camp, inside one of which there is a mess hall: a dining table, chairs, a storage complex for food and other camping and field supplies are installed. 

    The chef is preparing for the meal. 

    The general gathering of the group at the dining table. 

    A hot gourmet lunch/dinner from the chef. 

    Communication of the group members. Discussion of planned routes. 

    It is possible to adjust the route lines based on the current weather situation in the mountains. 

    Satellite communication with civilization. 

    23:00 Lights out. Rest. A night in the mountains. 

    The base camp is located on the banks of the mountain glacial Narodi River. A dirt clearing at the exit of the gorge at the foot of the Bolshoy Chender and Maly Chender mountain ranges. The Circumpolar Urals. The research ridge. Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Yugra.

    Track of the day: flight to Nyagan, helipad – base camp, flight over a distance of 405 km, travel time of more than 2 hours.

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  • Day 2 - Training and preparation for climbing
  • Day 3 - Climbing the Narodnaya
  • Day 4 - Rest
  • Day 5 - Mansi Glacier and Manciner Mountain
  • Day 6 - A day trip or a visit to the reindeer herders' camp
  • Day 7 - A reserve day or a hike to the lake. Blue and Karpinski Peak
  • Day 8 - Return to civilization
Does not require special skills, but tourists must be physically fit: expeditions, long rafting, etc.
Tour organizer's comments

 To participate in the hike, you need: no contraindications to being in a high-altitude area (there should be no chronic heart and other diseases), hiking experience and basic climbing skills (preferably).


  • Tent
    7 nights
  • Basic

The tour includes accommodation in tents at the base camp.

Tent camp 7 nights

Overnight at the base camp in tents.

Tour conditions

up to 17 tourists
Minimum age
15 years old
8 days 7 nights
Group meets at
The city of Nyagan

Included in price

  • flight;
  • accommodation at the base camp;
  • meals from the chef: breakfast, lunch and dinner;
  • individual food ration (dry rations);
  • guide services;
  • accident insurance;
  • equipment and ammunition rental;
  • travel supplies;
  • satellite communications;
  • delivery of staff and products.

Paid extra

  • air and railway tickets to Khanty-Mansiysk and back;
  • transfer to the starting point;
  • pocket expenses;
  • the hotel before the start and after the end;
  • extras (alcohol, additional products).

It's important to know

Personal equipment you need for the tour


  • travel / fishing / hunting suit;
  • protection from blood–sucking insects: a summer encephalitis suit with a closed mesh headdress;
  • sweater (warm made of fleece fabric or "PolarTec", "Winblock" or similar material);
  • pants (warm fleece fabric or PolarTec, Winblock or similar);
  • raincoat (cape waterproof) or jacket made of membrane fabric;
  • waterproof trousers in case of rainy weather;
  • thermal underwear warm (set);
  • thermal underwear ordinary (set);
  • change of underwear (set);
  • wool socks, warm socks;
  • trekking boots / sneakers for light trekking (for cross-country walking);
  • rubber boots;
  • socks are simple and trekking;
  • sports down jacket, warm winter jacket;
  • sports hat + buff or bandana;
  • bathing accessories (for the bath);
  • warm sports gloves or light mittens (pairs);

Personal items:

  • travel backpack 60-90 l (for trekking it is necessary to have);
  • waterproof hermetic bag for river rafting (90-110 liters);
  • hygiene supplies (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc.);
  • first aid kit (a set of personal medicines). The chef will have a team first aid kit;
  • hand and face cream against weathering, hygienic lipstick (if necessary);
  • personal hygiene products;
  • bath towel;
  • a headlamp LED and a pair of spare sets of batteries;
  • personal items;
  • photo and video equipment (if available);
  • folding penknife, (or hunting belt) (optional, optional);
  • SIM card with roaming service and debit balance for calls to civilization;
  • additional provisions (alcoholic beverages) and delicacies;
  • means of communication on the river, walkie-talkies (if available, not required);
  • documents / money in a waterproof hermetic bag;
  • trekking poles for tracking;
  • thermos with a volume of 1 liter.;
  • the bottle is individual. plastic for clean water (0.6-1 liter).

Fishing and other accessories:

  • fishing gear in a tube (fishing rod, spinning, etc. optional);
  • fishing accessories (optional);
  • means of self–defense against wild animals - rocket launcher, flare, firecrackers (transportation is prohibited on the plane);
  • GPS navigator, compass (optional);
  • polarizing glasses (required);
  • fishing accessories (case with fishing supplies: baubles, flies, etc. optional);
  • folding penknife (or hunting belt);
  • weapons with kit and ammunition (if available); 
  • fishing tongs, retriever and other accessories (optional);
  • vader boots / or rubber boots with belt carabiners;
  • remedies for protection against blood-sucking insects.
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Is insurance included in the price of the tour?
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Climbing options for Narodnaya

Dates and Prices

  • Individual dates available on request
    1 Jun – 15 Oct
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  • US$ 1 684
    28 Jun – 5 Jul 8 days 7 nights
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  • US$ 1 684
    5 – 12 Jul 8 days 7 nights
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  • US$ 1 684
    19 – 26 Jul 8 days 7 nights
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  • US$ 1 684
    23 – 30 Aug 8 days 7 nights
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